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Simple Pitch Deck Template

Jan 12, 2023

A well-structured pitch deck is an invaluable tool for any entrepreneur looking to present their business to investors. It serves as a visual aid that outlines the key points of the business, from the mission statement to the financials. Creating a compelling pitch deck requires a strong understanding of the venture, and the ability to convey that information to the audience in an engaging way. To help, here is a simple pitch deck template that any entrepreneur can use to quickly create an effective presentation. This template provides a comprehensive overview of the most important elements of any pitch, and walks through the steps of how to best present the information. With this template, entrepreneurs can create an effective pitch deck that will capture the attention of any potential investor.


I. Introduction

A. What is [Company Name]?

B. Our Mission

C. What Problem are We Solving?

II. Our Team

A. Introduction to Our Team

B. Our Unique Skills and Expertise

III. Our Solution

A. Overview of Our Product/Service

B. Benefits of Our Product/Service

C. How Our Product/Service is Different

IV. Market Opportunity

A. Overview of the Market

B. Our Competitive Advantages

V. Financial Plan

A. Revenue and Cost Projections

B. Potential Investors and Financial Needs

VI. Questions and Answers

VII. Closing Remarks

Tips for Creating a Great Simple Pitch Deck

Start by organizing a clear structure for your pitch deck. List out key sections in your presentation, such as an overview, a market section, a product section, and a financial section.

A pitch deck is an important part of your presentation. It helps the investors understand your business model, the market you are serving, and the product you are offering. So, it's important to organize a clear structure for your pitch deck.

In the overview section, highlight your company's mission, values, and vision. In the market section, highlight your target customers and their demographics. In the product section, describe your product or service and how it solves a problem. In the financial section, explain your company's current financial status and future growth potential.

Use visuals to break up your text. Visuals, such as charts and graphs, can help make complex data more digestible for your audience.

One way to make your data more digestible is to show it visually, such as with charts and graphs. This can help make complex data more understandable for your audience. For example, a chart showing sales figures over time. This can help to show trends and patterns more clearly than just presenting the numbers in text form.

Visuals can also help to make your data more interesting and engaging for your audience. For example, a graph showing sales figures over time in the form of a rising and falling tide (with the high points representing weekends and the low points representing the slow season). This can make the data more interesting and engaging, and can help to make it easier for people to understand.

Keep it short and simple. A pitch deck should be concise and easy to understand. Try to limit yourself to one slide per concept and focus on the most important points.

To keep it short and simple, ensure you're only presenting the most crucial elements of your business and product. Write your pitch list clearly, and ensure you don't include any elements that aren't absolutely necessary for understanding your idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a simple pitch deck?

Simple pitch decks can be effective in winning over possible investors, especially if they reveal a company's potential growth, market share, and overall business plan. The key is to focus on the core business model and not on additional features of the product/service that may seem interesting but are irrelevant to the core business model.

What are the most important aspects of simple pitch deck?

It's not enough to just explain your business and how it works. You need to demonstrate how your product or service works, show how it is used, and describe the benefits it offers the customer.

Your pitch deck should show potential investors what your product or service is, how it works, and why they should invest in it. By doing this, you'll be able to demonstrate your understanding of the problem you're solving, and your ability to create a viable solution.

This is an important aspect of a simple pitch deck because it shows investors that you've done your research, and that you have a clear understanding of the market, your competitors, and the value of your product or service.

Why is it important that you create a simple pitch deck?

We all love a great story, and simple pitch decks are the best way to tell one. Too many entrepreneurs try to be overly complicated with their presentation in an effort to make things sound more professional. Instead, this strategy often backfires, as the investor is distracted or turned off by what you're saying. Instead, your story should be the focus, and too many details will get in the way.

For example, if you're pitching a product, instead of presenting a slide with every feature and function, tell a story about one of your customers. How did they find your business? What did they need that you provided that made them happy? How did you solve a problem for them? What's the next great thing you're going to provide them? Focus on the story, and the simple pitch deck will naturally be simple and effective.

What are some extra considerations for improving my simple pitch deck?

A simple pitch deck should be no longer than 15 slides, though that number can vary based on the company and the type of presentation. Your deck should be concise, clear, and informative. It should engage your audience and make them want to hear more.

What are some resources for creating a simple pitch deck?

Pitch Deck Design Tool is another helpful resource for creating a simple pitch deck. The tool provides template layouts and dozens of customizable slides. Users can import their own images, videos, and tables to add more details to each slide. The tool also provides templates for specific industries, including healthcare and technology.

What are some tips for creating a simple pitch deck?

The simplest pitch deck should include a presentation of the founders, a detailed explanation of the product or service, and a plan of action that is based on a financial projection. The presentation of the founders should be short and sweet, including the founders' backgrounds and relevant experience. The explanation of the product or service should be concise and detailed enough to give the audience a clear idea of what you're trying to do and how you're going to do it. The plan of action should include the financial projection, which should be simple and straightforward.

How can I make sure my simple pitch deck is successful?

At its core, the simple pitch deck is a tool to get people to take action. So it's important to understand the motivations and thought processes of those you're pitching to. For example, you may be pitching to tech investors. These investors are already familiar with the industry and want to see a well-researched and well-thought-out business plan behind your company. So it's important to have proper research and planning behind your business.

How can I avoid making mistakes when creating a simple pitch deck?

When creating a simple pitch deck, it's important to remember that less is more. Investors are looking for companies with a clear vision and strong leadership. Too much information can distract from that focus, so it's important to be concise and to the point. Keep it simple, and you'll be sure to impress.

What are some things I should keep in mind when creating a simple pitch deck?

Investors want to know how your business is going to make them money. Look at your P&L and show how the most recent quarter has been, and then talk about how you are going to increase revenue in the future. All investors are looking for growth and how they can make money with that growth. Be sure to show them how their money will be utilized and how that will increase revenue.

Is there anything else I should know about creating a simple pitch deck?

Make sure your slide deck is easy to read. More than half of the pitch decks are difficult to digest because they're filled with too much text and not enough white space. This makes it harder for investors to process the information, which makes them less likely to take an interest in your company.

Your slide deck should have a good balance of text and white space to make it easy to read and digest. If you have too much text, you risk boring people and losing their attention, which can kill your chances of getting funding.

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