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Research > 124 Surrogacy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

124 Surrogacy Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Published: Jan 26, 2024

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    Surrogacy is a complex and controversial topic that has sparked numerous debates and discussions in recent years. It involves a woman carrying a pregnancy for another individual or couple, usually through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the intended parents' or donor's sperm and egg.

    There are many different aspects of surrogacy that can be explored in an essay, from the legal and ethical implications to the emotional and psychological impact on all parties involved. To help you get started on writing your own essay on surrogacy, here are 124 topic ideas and examples to consider:

    Legal and Ethical Issues:

    1. The legality of surrogacy in different countries
    2. Should surrogacy be regulated more strictly?
    3. The role of contracts in surrogacy agreements
    4. Should surrogate mothers have the right to change their minds?
    5. The ethics of commercial surrogacy
    6. Surrogacy and the exploitation of women
    7. Should surrogacy be available to same-sex couples?
    8. The rights of the child in surrogacy arrangements
    9. Should surrogacy be allowed for single individuals?
    10. The impact of religion on attitudes towards surrogacy

    Psychological and Emotional Impact: 11. The emotional toll of surrogacy on surrogate mothers 12. The psychological effects of surrogacy on intended parents 13. Should surrogate mothers be required to undergo counseling? 14. The bond between surrogate mothers and the baby 15. The impact of surrogacy on the surrogate mother's family 16. Surrogacy and postpartum depression 17. How does surrogacy affect the child's sense of identity? 18. The stigma surrounding surrogacy 19. Surrogacy and the grieving process for intended parents 20. The emotional journey of a surrogate mother

    Medical and Technological Advances: 21. The role of IVF in surrogacy 22. The use of genetic testing in surrogacy 23. The impact of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) on surrogacy 24. The future of surrogacy using artificial wombs 25. The role of stem cell research in surrogacy 26. Surrogacy and the use of donor eggs and sperm 27. The risks and complications of surrogacy 28. The impact of medical advancements on the surrogacy industry 29. The ethical implications of designer babies in surrogacy 30. The role of surrogacy in combating infertility

    Social and Cultural Perspectives: 31. The cultural differences in attitudes towards surrogacy 32. Surrogacy in the media 33. The portrayal of surrogacy in popular culture 34. How does surrogacy challenge traditional notions of family? 35. The intersection of surrogacy and feminism 36. Surrogacy and LGBTQ+ rights 37. Surrogacy and class privilege 38. The impact of surrogacy on traditional gender roles 39. Surrogacy and the commodification of reproduction 40. Surrogacy and the global economy

    Personal Stories and Testimonials: 41. A personal account of being a surrogate mother 42. The journey of an intended parent through the surrogacy process 43. Surrogacy from the perspective of the child 44. The experiences of a surrogate mother giving birth 45. Surrogacy and the bond between siblings 46. A comparison of traditional pregnancy and surrogacy 47. The challenges and joys of being a surrogate mother 48. How surrogacy has changed the lives of intended parents 49. The emotional rollercoaster of the surrogacy journey 50. The impact of surrogacy on family dynamics

    Historical and Societal Context: 51. The history of surrogacy 52. Surrogacy in ancient civilizations 53. The evolution of surrogacy laws 54. Surrogacy in the context of reproductive rights 55. The role of surrogacy in the women's rights movement 56. Surrogacy and the medicalization of childbirth 57. The influence of surrogacy on societal norms 58. Surrogacy in the context of population growth 59. The impact of surrogacy on adoption rates 60. Surrogacy and the changing definition of family

    Economic Considerations: 61. The cost of surrogacy 62. The economic implications of surrogacy 63. The impact of surrogacy on healthcare systems 64. Surrogacy and income inequality 65. The role of insurance in covering surrogacy costs 66. The financial motivations behind becoming a surrogate mother 67. Surrogacy and the global economy 68. The economic benefits of surrogacy for intended parents 69. The cost of raising a child through surrogacy 70. The impact of surrogacy on social welfare programs

    Religious Perspectives: 71. The views of different religions on surrogacy 72. Surrogacy and religious ethics 73. Surrogacy and the sanctity of life 74. The role of surrogacy in religious communities 75. Surrogacy and the concept of family in different religions 76. The impact of religious beliefs on attitudes towards surrogacy 77. Surrogacy and the concept of parenthood in religious traditions 78. The ethical dilemmas of surrogacy from a religious perspective 79. Surrogacy and the afterlife in different religions 80. The intersection of surrogacy and spirituality

    Educational Perspectives: 81. The role of education in shaping attitudes towards surrogacy 82. Surrogacy in the curriculum 83. The impact of surrogacy on children in schools 84. Surrogacy and sex education 85. The role of universities in researching surrogacy 86. Surrogacy and the educational attainment of surrogate mothers 87. The impact of surrogacy on academic achievement 88. Surrogacy and the rights of children in education 89. The portrayal of surrogacy in textbooks 90. Surrogacy and the future of education

    Environmental Considerations: 91. The environmental impact of surrogacy 92. Surrogacy and climate change 93. The carbon footprint of surrogacy 94. Surrogacy and sustainability 95. The role of surrogacy in population control 96. Surrogacy and natural resources 97. The impact of surrogacy on biodiversity 98. Surrogacy and environmental justice 99. The ethics of surrogacy in a changing climate 100. Surrogacy and the conservation of ecosystems

    Health and Wellness: 101. The health benefits of surrogacy 102. The impact of surrogacy on maternal health 103. Surrogacy and mental health 104. The physical toll of surrogacy on surrogate mothers 105. Surrogacy and reproductive health 106. The impact of surrogacy on the well-being of children 107. Surrogacy and access to healthcare 108. The role of surrogacy in promoting wellness 109. Surrogacy and the prevention of disease 110. The relationship between surrogacy and public health

    Political Considerations: 111. The role of government in regulating surrogacy 112. Surrogacy and political ideology 113. The impact of surrogacy on political campaigns 114. Surrogacy and social welfare policies 115. The influence of political leaders on attitudes towards surrogacy 116. Surrogacy and political activism 117. The role of surrogacy in political discourse 118. Surrogacy and voting behavior 119. The intersection of surrogacy and human rights 120. Surrogacy and political corruption

    Global Perspectives: 121. Surrogacy as a form of international adoption 122. The impact of surrogacy on global migration patterns 123. Surrogacy and cultural exchange 124. The role of surrogacy in promoting global solidarity

    In conclusion, surrogacy is a multifaceted and complex issue that touches on a wide range of topics, from legal and ethical considerations to emotional and psychological impacts. By exploring these different aspects of surrogacy in your essay, you can gain a deeper understanding of this controversial practice and its implications for individuals, families, and societies as a whole. Whether you choose to focus on the legal and ethical challenges of surrogacy, the personal stories of those involved, or the broader societal and global implications, there are countless angles from which to approach this important topic. By delving into these various topics and examples, you can craft a compelling and thought-provoking essay on surrogacy that sheds light on this complex and contentious issue.

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