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Research > 106 Humor Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

106 Humor Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Published: Jan 20, 2024

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    Humor is a powerful tool that can be used to entertain, engage, and even persuade an audience. Writing humor essays can be a fun and creative way to explore a wide range of topics and showcase your wit and comedic skills. If you're looking for some inspiration for your next humor essay, we've got you covered with 106 topic ideas and examples to get you started.

    1. The struggles of adulting: How to survive paying bills and doing taxes while still maintaining your sanity.
    2. The art of procrastination: A step-by-step guide on how to avoid doing work at all costs.
    3. The joys of online shopping: Why you always end up buying things you don't need.
    4. The perils of social media: A humorous take on the absurdity of online trends and challenges.
    5. The wonders of technology: Why your smartphone is both a blessing and a curse.
    6. The trials and tribulations of dating in the digital age: Navigating the world of online dating and ghosting.
    7. The joys of pet ownership: The hilarious antics of living with a furry friend.
    8. The struggle of adult friendships: How to maintain relationships when everyone is busy with work and family.
    9. The art of self-deprecation: Embracing your flaws and imperfections with humor.
    10. The hilarity of family gatherings: Surviving awkward conversations and embarrassing moments with your relatives.
    11. The absurdity of reality TV: Why we can't stop watching shows about people doing ridiculous things.
    12. The joys of travel mishaps: From lost luggage to missed flights, the comedy of errors that come with exploring new places.
    13. The quirks of office life: Dealing with annoying coworkers and bizarre office policies.
    14. The absurdity of diet culture: Why we can't seem to stop obsessing over kale and avocado toast.
    15. The art of sarcasm: Mastering the fine line between witty banter and being a jerk.
    16. The hilarity of bad first dates: Tales of awkward encounters and cringe-worthy moments.
    17. The joys of being a parent: The funny and heartwarming moments of raising children.
    18. The absurdity of fashion trends: Why we're all walking around in clothes that make us look like we belong in a circus.
    19. The struggles of adulting: Why we all secretly wish we could go back to being kids.
    20. The hilarity of fitness fads: From Zumba to CrossFit, the ridiculousness of trying to get in shape.
    21. The art of self-care: Why a glass of wine and a bubble bath can solve all your problems.
    22. The absurdity of social norms: Why we all follow rules that make no sense.
    23. The hilarity of online dating profiles: Decoding the lies and exaggerations people use to sell themselves.
    24. The joys of being a foodie: Why we're all obsessed with taking pictures of our meals.
    25. The struggles of adulting: How to pretend you have your life together when you really don't.
    26. The art of making small talk: Navigating awkward conversations with strangers.
    27. The absurdity of celebrity culture: Why we care so much about the lives of people we've never met.
    28. The hilarity of office parties: Surviving awkward interactions and embarrassing moments with your coworkers.
    29. The joys of being a dog owner: The hilarious antics of living with a four-legged friend.
    30. The absurdity of beauty standards: Why we spend so much time and money trying to look perfect.
    31. The struggles of adulting: How to survive the daily grind of working a 9-to-5 job.
    32. The art of passive-aggressive notes: The hilarious messages people leave for their roommates and coworkers.
    33. The joys of being a cat owner: The sassy and aloof behavior of living with a feline friend.
    34. The absurdity of wedding planning: The stress and chaos that come with trying to have the perfect day.
    35. The hilarity of bad hair days: From frizzy curls to flat roots, the struggles of trying to tame your mane.
    36. The joys of being a plant parent: The comedy of errors that come with trying to keep your green babies alive.
    37. The absurdity of online reviews: From overly positive to ridiculously negative, the extremes of customer feedback.
    38. The struggles of adulting: How to navigate the world of taxes and investments without losing your mind.
    39. The art of ghosting: Why we all have a friend who disappears without a trace.
    40. The hilarity of grocery shopping: The comedy of errors that come with trying to navigate crowded aisles and long lines.
    41. The joys of being a bookworm: The hilarious moments of getting lost in a good story.
    42. The absurdity of fast fashion: Why we keep buying cheap

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