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Research > 100 Business Failure Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

100 Business Failure Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Published: Jan 18, 2024

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    Title: 100 Business Failure Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    Introduction: Business failures are an essential part of entrepreneurship. They provide valuable lessons and insights into the challenges faced by companies, the reasons behind their downfall, and the strategies that could have potentially saved them. Writing an essay on business failures allows students and researchers to analyze real-world scenarios, understand the complexities of the business world, and develop critical thinking skills. This article presents 100 business failure essay topic ideas and examples to inspire and guide individuals in exploring this intriguing field.

    1. The rise and fall of Enron: Analyzing the corporate fraud that led to Enron's bankruptcy.

    2. The impact of the 2008 financial crisis on small businesses.

    3. The downfall of Kodak: How the digital revolution disrupted the photography industry.

    4. Evaluating the reasons behind the bankruptcy of Toys "R" Us.

    5. Learning from the failure of Blockbuster in the face of emerging streaming services.

    6. The collapse of Lehman Brothers: The repercussions on the global economy.

    7. The failures of Nokia: A case study on missed opportunities in the smartphone market.

    8. Analyzing the downfall of BlackBerry due to fierce competition.

    9. The decline of Sears: Understanding the impact of e-commerce on traditional retail.

    10. The implosion of WorldCom: Examining the largest accounting fraud in U.S. history.

    11. The bankruptcy of General Motors and its subsequent restructuring.

    12. The demise of Borders: How digital books disrupted the traditional bookstore industry.

    13. The failure of Pets.com: A lesson on the challenges of e-commerce in the late 1990s.

    14. The downfall of Xerox: Analyzing missed chances in the copier and printer market.

    15. The collapse of Bear Stearns: Examining the role of risky investments in the financial crisis.

    16. The reasons behind the failure of the DeLorean Motor Company.

    17. The impact of the dot-com bubble on various internet-based businesses.

    18. The fall of Pan Am: Understanding the challenges faced by legacy airlines.

    19. Analyzing the bankruptcy of Circuit City in the era of online electronics retail.

    20. The decline of MySpace and the rise of Facebook: Lessons in adaptability and innovation.

    21. The failure of the Concorde: Examining the difficulties in sustaining supersonic travel.

    22. The downfall of the Hummer brand: Analyzing changing consumer preferences.

    23. The collapse of the American Apparel brand: A case study on ethical controversies.

    24. The reasons behind the failure of the Segway personal transporter.

    25. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the lessons learned for financial institutions.

    26. The decline of Yahoo: Understanding missed opportunities in the search engine industry.

    27. Analyzing the failure of the New Coke launch and its impact on Coca-Cola.

    28. The downfall of Borders Group Inc.: Examining the challenges faced by brick-and-mortar bookstores.

    29. The collapse of SunEdison: Understanding the challenges of the renewable energy market.

    30. The failure of Pets.com and its implications for the pet industry.

    31. The reasons behind the bankruptcy of General Motors and the subsequent government bailout.

    32. The decline of Blockbuster and the rise of Netflix: Analyzing changing consumer behaviors.

    33. The downfall of Lehman Brothers and its role in the global financial crisis.

    34. The collapse of Enron and its impact on corporate governance and accounting practices.

    35. Analyzing the failure of the DeLorean Motor Company and the challenges of the automotive industry.

    36. The reasons behind the fall of WorldCom and its impact on telecommunications.

    37. The decline of Sears and the challenges facing department stores in the digital age.

    38. The failure of Quibi: Understanding the challenges of launching a streaming service.

    39. The downfall of Thomas Cook: Analyzing the impact of online travel agencies.

    40. The collapse of Arthur Andersen and the consequences for the accounting profession.

    41. Analyzing the failure of Kodak to adapt to digital photography.

    42. The reasons behind the bankruptcy of Toys "R" Us and the impact on the toy industry.

    43. The decline of BlackBerry and the challenges of competing in the smartphone market.

    44. The downfall of Nokia and its missed opportunities in the mobile phone industry.

    45. The failure of MySpace and the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

    46. The collapse of Blockbuster and the challenges faced by traditional video rental stores.

    47. Analyzing the reasons behind the demise of Pan Am and the impact on the airline industry.

    48. The decline of Xerox and missed opportunities in the printing and document management sector.

    49. The failure of Circuit City and the challenges of electronics retail in the digital age.

    50. The downfall of American Apparel and the implications of ethical controversies in the fashion industry.

    Conclusion: Exploring business failures through essay writing offers valuable insights into the complexities of the corporate world. By focusing on various examples and topics, students and researchers can better understand the reasons behind these failures, identify crucial lessons, and develop strategies to prevent similar mistakes. The 100 business failure essay topic ideas presented in this article provide a starting point for individuals to delve into the fascinating world of business failures and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics that contribute to success and failure within the business landscape.

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