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Research > 114 Action Research Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

114 Action Research Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Published: Jan 25, 2024

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    Action research is a methodology that involves the active participation of researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders in the process of problem-solving and decision-making in real-world contexts. It is a systematic approach that aims to improve practices, policies, and outcomes through reflection, analysis, and action.

    If you are planning to write an action research essay, you might be searching for topic ideas and examples to get started. Here, we have compiled a list of 114 action research essay topics that cover various fields and sectors. These topics can serve as inspiration for your own research project or can be modified to suit your specific interests and objectives:


    1. Improving student engagement through project-based learning.
    2. Enhancing reading comprehension skills in elementary school students.
    3. Reducing bullying incidents in secondary schools.
    4. Increasing parent involvement in education.
    5. Addressing the achievement gap in math education.
    6. Promoting inclusive practices for students with disabilities.
    7. Investigating the impact of technology on student learning outcomes.
    8. Enhancing teacher-student relationships in the classroom.
    9. Redesigning curriculum to promote critical thinking skills.
    10. Improving assessment methods to provide timely and meaningful feedback to students.

    Healthcare and Medicine: 11. Reducing medication errors in hospital settings. 12. Enhancing patient satisfaction in outpatient clinics. 13. Promoting hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers. 14. Investigating the efficacy of telemedicine in rural areas. 15. Improving communication between healthcare providers and patients. 16. Addressing healthcare disparities among marginalized populations. 17. Enhancing patient safety in operating rooms. 18. Reducing hospital readmission rates for specific conditions. 19. Investigating the impact of nurse staffing levels on patient outcomes. 20. Promoting evidence-based practice in healthcare settings.

    Business and Management: 21. Increasing employee engagement through leadership development programs. 22. Reducing employee turnover in the retail industry. 23. Enhancing customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector. 24. Investigating the impact of diversity and inclusion on organizational performance. 25. Improving supply chain management practices. 26. Addressing workplace bullying and harassment. 27. Enhancing organizational communication strategies. 28. Reducing waste and improving sustainability in manufacturing processes. 29. Investigating the impact of remote work on productivity and work-life balance. 30. Promoting ethical practices in business operations.

    Social Sciences and Community Development: 31. Addressing homelessness in urban areas. 32. Promoting community engagement in local government decision-making. 33. Investigating the impact of social media on youth mental health. 34. Enhancing intercultural understanding and communication. 35. Reducing substance abuse among teenagers. 36. Improving access to affordable housing. 37. Investigating the impact of community-based rehabilitation programs on ex-offenders. 38. Promoting gender equality in the workplace. 39. Addressing food insecurity in low-income communities. 40. Enhancing disaster preparedness and response strategies.

    Environmental Science and Sustainability: 41. Investigating the impact of climate change on biodiversity. 42. Promoting sustainable agriculture practices. 43. Reducing plastic waste in oceans and water bodies. 44. Enhancing energy efficiency in residential buildings. 45. Investigating the impact of air pollution on human health. 46. Addressing water scarcity in arid regions. 47. Promoting sustainable transportation solutions. 48. Enhancing waste management practices in urban areas. 49. Investigating the impact of deforestation on local ecosystems. 50. Promoting environmental education and awareness.

    Technology and Innovation: 51. Investigating the impact of artificial intelligence on job displacement. 52. Enhancing cybersecurity measures in organizations. 53. Reducing digital divide among marginalized communities. 54. Promoting ethical use of data and privacy protection. 55. Investigating the impact of social media influencers on consumer behavior. 56. Enhancing e-learning experiences for students. 57. Addressing biases in algorithmic decision-making. 58. Promoting accessibility and inclusivity in digital technologies. 59. Investigating the impact of automation on manufacturing processes. 60. Enhancing user experience in mobile applications.

    These are just a few examples of action research topics that cover a wide range of disciplines and sectors. Remember, the most effective action research projects are those that address a specific problem or challenge in a particular context and involve collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Choose a topic that interests you and has practical implications for your field of study or professional practice. Good luck with your action research essay!

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