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Company > PerkinElmer: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

PerkinElmer: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Published: Jan 10, 2023

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    PerkinElmer is a leading global provider of products, services, and solutions for diagnostics, life sciences, and applied markets. With a diverse business model, the company operates through two segments: Discovery & Analytical Solutions and Diagnostics. PerkinElmer's strengths lie in its strong brand reputation, extensive product portfolio, and global presence. However, like any other company, it faces certain weaknesses and threats that need to be addressed. This article will delve into PerkinElmer's business model, conduct a SWOT analysis to assess its internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats, and explore its key competitors in the industry, all with a focus on the year 2023.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Who owns PerkinElmer and gain insight into the ownership structure of the company.
    • Understand the mission statement of PerkinElmer and how it guides their operations and strategic decisions.
    • Learn about PerkinElmer's revenue streams and the various ways they generate income.
    • Explore the PerkinElmer Business Model Canvas and how it helps in understanding the key components of their business model.
    • Discover the main competitors of PerkinElmer and gain insights into the competitive landscape of the industry.
    • Gain an understanding of PerkinElmer's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through a comprehensive SWOT analysis.

    Who owns PerkinElmer?

    PerkinElmer's Ownership Structure

    PerkinElmer, a renowned global corporation specializing in life sciences and diagnostics, is owned by a diverse group of institutional and individual investors. As a publicly traded company, its ownership is spread across various shareholders who hold shares of PerkinElmer's common stock.

    Institutional Investors

    Institutional investors play a significant role in the ownership of PerkinElmer. These include mutual funds, pension funds, insurance companies, and asset management firms. Some notable institutional investors with a stake in PerkinElmer include BlackRock, The Vanguard Group, and State Street Corporation. These institutions often invest on behalf of their clients or shareholders, seeking long-term growth and value from their investments.

    Individual Shareholders

    PerkinElmer also has a substantial number of individual shareholders who own shares in the company. These individuals can include employees, executives, and other individuals who have purchased PerkinElmer's stock through various investment platforms. Owning shares allows individuals to have a stake in the company's success and potentially benefit from any appreciation in the stock price.

    Insider Ownership

    Insider ownership refers to the shares held by individuals who are directly affiliated with PerkinElmer, such as executives, directors, and members of the board. Insider ownership can be an indicator of the confidence and commitment of these individuals to the company's future performance. It aligns their interests with those of other shareholders, as they stand to gain or lose based on the company's overall success.

    Public Ownership

    Beyond institutional and individual shareholders, a significant portion of PerkinElmer's ownership is held by the general public. Public ownership allows individuals to invest in the company through stock exchanges and participate in its growth and success. This diverse group of public investors can range from small retail investors to larger investment firms.

    In conclusion, PerkinElmer's ownership structure is a combination of institutional investors, individual shareholders, insiders, and the general public. This diverse ownership base reflects the company's widespread appeal and the confidence placed in its products, services, and future prospects.

    What is the mission statement of PerkinElmer?

    PerkinElmer's Mission Statement: Improving the Health and Safety of People and the Environment

    PerkinElmer, a leading global company in the fields of diagnostics, life sciences, and applied services, has a clear and powerful mission statement. The company's primary objective is to improve the health and safety of people and the environment through their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

    With a strong commitment to delivering reliable and accurate results, PerkinElmer aims to empower scientists, researchers, and healthcare professionals worldwide. By providing them with advanced tools and insights, the company enables its customers to make informed decisions and drive meaningful advancements in various industries.

    Advancing Scientific Discovery and Healthcare

    PerkinElmer's mission statement reflects its dedication to advancing scientific discovery and improving healthcare outcomes. The company recognizes the crucial role that research and innovation play in addressing complex global challenges, such as disease prevention, environmental sustainability, and food safety.

    Through their wide range of products and services, PerkinElmer supports scientists and researchers in their pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. Their advanced imaging systems, analytical instruments, and software solutions enable the visualization and analysis of biological processes, accelerating research in areas like genomics, drug discovery, and precision medicine.

    Furthermore, PerkinElmer's extensive portfolio of diagnostic tools and laboratory services enhances the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare diagnostics. By providing physicians and clinicians with reliable diagnostic information, the company contributes to early disease detection, personalized treatment plans, and improved patient outcomes.

    Environmental Monitoring and Safety Solutions

    In addition to their focus on healthcare, PerkinElmer is committed to safeguarding the environment and promoting safety. The mission statement highlights the company's dedication to developing innovative solutions for environmental monitoring and analyzing potential hazards.

    PerkinElmer's environmental monitoring technologies help identify and measure contaminants, pollutants, and other harmful substances in air, water, and soil. By equipping researchers, regulatory agencies, and industrial organizations with these tools, the company contributes to the preservation and improvement of the environment.

    Furthermore, PerkinElmer's safety solutions play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities. Their advanced instruments and technologies enable accurate detection and analysis of potential health and safety risks, supporting industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

    A Commitment to Social Responsibility

    PerkinElmer's mission statement also reflects the company's dedication to social responsibility. By focusing on improving health and safety, the company positively impacts the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

    Through various initiatives and partnerships, PerkinElmer works towards addressing global health challenges, reducing health disparities, and promoting access to quality healthcare. The company actively engages in corporate social responsibility activities, including philanthropy, employee volunteer programs, and collaborations with nonprofit organizations.

    Overall, PerkinElmer's mission statement encompasses their commitment to improving the health and safety of people and the environment. By leveraging their expertise, innovative technologies, and global reach, the company strives to make a significant and lasting impact in the scientific, healthcare, and environmental sectors.

    How does PerkinElmer make money?

    Overview of PerkinElmer

    PerkinElmer is a leading global corporation that specializes in providing scientific instruments, diagnostic solutions, and services to various industries. With a rich history spanning over 80 years, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for advancing scientific research, enhancing diagnostics, and improving overall human health. Let's dive into how PerkinElmer generates revenue.

    Revenue Streams

    1. Instrumentation Sales

    PerkinElmer offers a wide range of advanced scientific instruments and analytical solutions across multiple disciplines, including life sciences, diagnostics, food safety, environmental health, and industrial applications. These instruments are designed to support research, enable accurate measurements, and provide insights into complex scientific challenges. The company generates a significant portion of its revenue through the sale of these high-quality instruments to academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and other research organizations.

    2. Consumables and Reagents

    To complement its instrumentation sales, PerkinElmer also offers an extensive portfolio of consumables and reagents that are essential for the operation and maintenance of its instruments. These consumables include specialized sample preparation kits, reagents, calibration standards, and other laboratory supplies. By providing these essential products, PerkinElmer establishes long-term relationships with its customers, who rely on the company to consistently deliver quality consumables and reagents. This segment contributes significantly to the company's recurring revenue stream.

    3. Services and Support

    PerkinElmer offers a comprehensive suite of services and support to ensure the smooth operation and optimal performance of its instruments and solutions. These services include instrument installation, maintenance, repair, and calibration, as well as training and technical support. By providing exceptional customer service and expertise, PerkinElmer strengthens customer loyalty and generates revenue through service contracts, extended warranties, and on-demand technical support.

    4. Diagnostics and Clinical Testing

    PerkinElmer has a strong focus on diagnostics and clinical testing, offering a range of innovative solutions that aid in the detection and monitoring of diseases. The company's diagnostics portfolio includes advanced imaging systems, genetic testing platforms, and prenatal screening tools, among others. PerkinElmer partners with healthcare providers, clinical laboratories, and research institutions to deliver accurate diagnostic solutions, generating revenue through the sale of diagnostic instruments, consumables, and associated services.

    5. Informatics and Software Solutions

    As data analysis and management play an increasingly critical role in scientific research and diagnostics, PerkinElmer provides informatics and software solutions to streamline data integration, analysis, and interpretation. These solutions enable researchers and clinicians to efficiently process large volumes of data, derive meaningful insights, and make informed decisions. By offering software licenses, subscriptions, and related services, PerkinElmer generates revenue from its informatics and software segment.


    PerkinElmer's revenue streams are diverse and interconnected, allowing the company to serve a wide range of industries and customers. Through the sale of instruments, consumables, and associated services, as well as its focus on diagnostics and informatics solutions, PerkinElmer has established itself as a market leader, driving innovation and enabling scientific advancements worldwide.

    PerkinElmer Business Model Canvas Explained

    What is the Business Model Canvas?

    The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool that allows organizations to describe, design, challenge, and pivot their business models. It is a visual representation of the key components that make up a business and how they interact. Developed by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, the canvas provides a holistic view of a company's value proposition, customer segments, channels, revenue streams, key activities, resources, partnerships, and cost structure.

    PerkinElmer's Business Model Canvas

    PerkinElmer, a leading global company in the fields of diagnostics, life sciences, and applied services, utilizes the Business Model Canvas to outline its business strategy. Let's delve into each component of PerkinElmer's Business Model Canvas:

    Value Proposition

    PerkinElmer's value proposition lies in its ability to provide innovative solutions to improve human and environmental health. The company offers a diverse range of products and services that contribute to early detection and prevention of diseases, drug discovery and development, environmental monitoring, and scientific research. By delivering high-quality, reliable, and technologically advanced solutions, PerkinElmer aims to address critical global challenges effectively.

    Customer Segments

    PerkinElmer caters to a wide range of customer segments, including academic and research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, clinical laboratories, hospitals, government agencies, and environmental testing organizations. By targeting diverse segments, PerkinElmer ensures its products and services reach a broad customer base and are tailored to meet specific industry requirements.


    PerkinElmer utilizes a multi-channel approach to reach its customers effectively. The company employs direct sales teams to engage with customers directly, ensuring personalized support and effective communication. Additionally, PerkinElmer leverages e-commerce platforms, distribution partners, and collaborations with industry influencers to expand its market reach and create awareness about its offerings.

    Revenue Streams

    PerkinElmer generates revenue through the sale of its products, recurring revenue from service and maintenance contracts, licensing of intellectual property, and research collaborations. By diversifying its revenue streams, the company reduces dependency on a single source and ensures sustainable growth.

    Key Activities

    PerkinElmer's key activities involve research and development to drive innovation, manufacturing and quality control to ensure product reliability, sales and marketing to reach customers, and customer support and service to maintain strong relationships. These activities are essential to deliver value to customers and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


    PerkinElmer's resources include its highly skilled workforce, extensive intellectual property portfolio, cutting-edge research facilities, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and strong financial position. These resources enable the company to develop and deliver innovative solutions, attract top talent, and invest in future growth opportunities.


    PerkinElmer actively seeks partnerships with academic institutions, research organizations, healthcare providers, and technology companies to leverage complementary expertise, access new markets, and enhance its product offerings. By collaborating with strategic partners, PerkinElmer can accelerate innovation and provide comprehensive solutions to its customers.

    Cost Structure

    PerkinElmer's cost structure includes expenses related to research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, distribution, customer support, and overhead costs. By optimizing costs and streamlining operations, the company ensures efficiency and profitability while delivering value to its customers.

    In conclusion, PerkinElmer's adoption of the Business Model Canvas enables the company to strategically define and align its business components. By focusing on value proposition, customer segments, channels, revenue streams, key activities, resources, partnerships, and cost structure, PerkinElmer sustains its position as a leader in the diagnostics and life sciences industry, driving innovation and improving global health outcomes.

    Which companies are the competitors of PerkinElmer?

    Overview of PerkinElmer

    PerkinElmer is a leading global corporation that specializes in providing scientific instruments, consumables, and services to various industries, including healthcare, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and research. With a strong presence in over 150 countries, PerkinElmer has established itself as a trusted brand known for its innovative solutions and commitment to advancing scientific discovery.

    Competitors in the Scientific Instruments Industry

    As a major player in the scientific instruments market, PerkinElmer faces competition from several companies that offer similar products and services. These competitors strive to capture market share and meet the evolving needs of customers in industries such as life sciences, diagnostics, and environmental testing. Some of the key competitors of PerkinElmer include:

    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Thermo Fisher Scientific is a multinational corporation that operates in the fields of scientific research, diagnostics, and healthcare. The company offers a wide range of analytical instruments, reagents, consumables, software, and services. With a diverse portfolio, Thermo Fisher Scientific competes with PerkinElmer across multiple segments, including genetic analysis, proteomics, and laboratory infrastructure.

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent Technologies is a global leader in the life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. The company provides a comprehensive suite of instruments, consumables, software, and services to support various scientific applications. Agilent Technologies is a direct competitor to PerkinElmer in areas such as chromatography, mass spectrometry, and genomics research.

    Waters Corporation

    Waters Corporation is a prominent player in the scientific instruments industry, focusing on analytical technologies for pharmaceutical, life sciences, and industrial markets. The company offers a broad range of chromatography and mass spectrometry solutions, as well as software and services. Waters Corporation competes with PerkinElmer in areas such as liquid chromatography, sample preparation, and analytical software.

    Bruker Corporation

    Bruker Corporation is a leading provider of scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as industrial applications. The company offers a diverse portfolio of instruments, including spectrometers, microscopy systems, and magnetic resonance instruments. Bruker Corporation competes with PerkinElmer in areas such as atomic force microscopy, X-ray analysis, and molecular spectroscopy.


    While PerkinElmer is a well-established player in the scientific instruments industry, it faces stiff competition from companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Waters Corporation, and Bruker Corporation. These competitors are continually innovating and developing new technologies to meet the evolving demands of customers in various sectors. As the industry progresses, the competition among these companies will likely intensify, driving further advancements and benefiting customers with a wider array of cutting-edge solutions.

    PerkinElmer SWOT Analysis


    • Established brand: PerkinElmer has been in the industry for over 80 years and has built a strong reputation as a leading provider of scientific instruments and services. This longevity and brand recognition give the company a competitive advantage and instill trust in their customers.

    • Diverse product portfolio: PerkinElmer offers a wide range of products and solutions across multiple industries, including life sciences, diagnostics, food safety, environmental testing, and more. This diversification allows them to cater to different customer needs and reduces their reliance on a single market segment.

    • Strong research and development capabilities: PerkinElmer invests significantly in research and development to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition. Their focus on developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions helps them maintain a competitive edge and meet the evolving needs of their customers.

    • Global presence and customer base: With operations in over 150 countries, PerkinElmer has a global reach and a diverse customer base. This extensive network allows them to tap into different markets and leverage economies of scale, resulting in increased sales and revenue opportunities.


    • Dependence on a few key customers: Despite having a diverse customer base, PerkinElmer relies heavily on a few key customers for a significant portion of their revenue. This dependency exposes them to potential risks, such as changes in customer demand or loss of key accounts, which could have a negative impact on their financial performance.

    • High pricing: PerkinElmer's products and services are often priced at a premium compared to their competitors. While this pricing strategy reflects the quality and value they provide, it may limit their ability to attract price-sensitive customers or penetrate price-driven markets.

    • Limited market share in certain segments: Although PerkinElmer is a market leader in many areas, they still have a relatively small market share in certain segments. This indicates a potential opportunity for growth, but also highlights their vulnerability to competitors who may have a stronger foothold in those specific markets.


    • Growing demand for precision medicine: The increasing focus on personalized healthcare and precision medicine presents a significant opportunity for PerkinElmer. Their expertise in diagnostics and genetic testing positions them well to capitalize on this emerging trend and develop innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of healthcare providers.

    • Expansion into emerging markets: Emerging markets, such as China and India, offer immense growth potential for PerkinElmer. These countries are investing heavily in healthcare infrastructure and research, providing an opportunity for the company to expand their customer base and increase sales in these regions.

    • Acquisitions and strategic partnerships: PerkinElmer has a history of successful acquisitions and strategic partnerships. By identifying potential targets or collaborators, the company can further enhance their product offerings, expand into new markets, or gain access to new technologies, thereby strengthening their competitive position.


    • Intense competition: The scientific instruments and services industry is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. PerkinElmer faces competition from both established companies and new entrants, which may offer similar products or services at lower prices or with superior features, posing a threat to their market position.

    • Regulatory challenges: The scientific industry is subject to stringent regulations and compliance requirements. Changes in regulations or failure to comply with existing ones can create significant challenges for PerkinElmer. Adapting to evolving regulatory frameworks and maintaining compliance can be time-consuming and costly.

    • Economic downturns: PerkinElmer's financial performance is influenced by the overall economic conditions. During economic downturns, customers may reduce spending on scientific instruments and services, leading to decreased demand and potential revenue decline for the company.

    • Technological advancements: Rapid advancements in technology can disrupt the scientific instruments industry. PerkinElmer needs to stay at the forefront of technological innovation to remain competitive. Failure to adapt to emerging technologies or disruptive innovations can render their products and services obsolete, threatening their market position.

    Key Takeaways

    • PerkinElmer is owned by various institutional investors and individual shareholders, with no single majority owner.
    • The mission statement of PerkinElmer is to innovate for a healthier world, focusing on improving human and environmental health through advanced scientific solutions.
    • PerkinElmer generates revenue through the sale of analytical instruments, diagnostics, and software solutions to various industries such as healthcare, life sciences, and environmental testing.
    • The PerkinElmer Business Model Canvas highlights key aspects such as value proposition, customer segments, channels, revenue streams, key activities, resources, and partnerships that contribute to the company's success.
    • PerkinElmer faces competition from companies such as Agilent Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Danaher Corporation. A comprehensive SWOT analysis helps identify PerkinElmer's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market.


    In conclusion, PerkinElmer is a well-established company with a clear mission statement focused on improving human and environmental health. Through their innovative solutions and technologies, they have managed to generate revenue and make a significant impact in various industries. Their business model canvas explains how they create value through their key activities, resources, and partnerships. However, they do face competition from companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific and Agilent Technologies. Conducting a SWOT analysis reveals that PerkinElmer has strengths in its diverse product portfolio and global presence, but also faces weaknesses and threats such as regulatory challenges and intense competition. Overall, PerkinElmer continues to strive towards its mission and looks poised for future growth and success.

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