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Company > CBIZ Inc: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2024

CBIZ Inc: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2024

Published: Jan 29, 2024

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    In this comprehensive analysis, we delve into the intricate business model of CBIZ Inc, a prominent player in the professional services industry, as we step into 2024. We'll unpack the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) facing the company in the current market landscape, offering a detailed examination of its internal and external factors. Additionally, we'll explore CBIZ Inc's competitive standing, comparing it with its key rivals to provide a well-rounded view of its market position and strategic direction. This article aims to offer valuable insights into CBIZ Inc's operational strategies, growth potential, and the challenges it faces amidst a competitive and ever-evolving industry.

    What You Will Learn

    • Ownership and Vision of CBIZ Inc.: Uncover who owns CBIZ Inc. and delve into its mission statement to understand the core values and strategic objectives that drive the company forward.
    • Monetization and Strategy: Learn how CBIZ Inc. generates revenue through a comprehensive breakdown of its business model canvas, offering insights into its operational, financial, and customer relationship strategies.
    • Competitive Landscape and Strategic Positioning: Explore CBIZ Inc.'s position in the market by examining its key competitors and understanding its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through an in-depth SWOT analysis.

    Who owns CBIZ Inc?

    Who Owns CBIZ Inc?

    CBIZ Inc., one of the leading providers of financial, insurance, and advisory services in the United States, operates as a publicly traded company, which implies that its ownership is distributed among various shareholders who have purchased its stock. This diversified ownership structure means no single entity fully "owns" CBIZ Inc. in the traditional sense. However, by examining the company's publicly available financial disclosures, one can gain insight into its major stakeholders.

    Institutional Investors

    A significant portion of CBIZ Inc.'s shares is held by institutional investors. These include investment firms, mutual funds, pension funds, and other large entities that manage substantial portfolios. Notable institutional shareholders often have a considerable influence on the company's strategic direction due to their substantial voting power at shareholder meetings.

    Insider Ownership

    Another key group of owners comprises the company's insiders, which include its executives, board members, and other key employees. Insider ownership is a strong indicator of the company's leaders' confidence in its future prospects. These individuals often possess in-depth knowledge about the company, making their investment decisions particularly noteworthy.

    Public Shareholders

    The rest of CBIZ Inc.'s ownership is dispersed among individual investors and small entities that have purchased shares through stock exchanges. This broad base of public shareholders is characteristic of most publicly traded companies and reflects a wide range of investor confidence and speculation.


    In conclusion, CBIZ Inc. does not have a single owner but is owned by a mix of institutional investors, insiders, and the general public. This blend of stakeholders contributes to the company's governance and strategic direction, with each group playing a role in its success. For those interested in the company's governance and strategic outlook, keeping an eye on the movements of these major shareholders can provide valuable insights.

    What is the mission statement of CBIZ Inc?

    What is the mission statement of CBIZ Inc?

    CBIZ Inc., as a premier provider of financial, insurance, and advisory services, operates with a clear and compelling mission statement: "To provide top-quality professional business services that bring measurable value to our clients." At its core, this mission underscores the company's dedication to not only meet but exceed the expectations of its clients through a comprehensive suite of services.

    This mission is rooted in the belief that the success of CBIZ is directly linked to the success of its clients. By focusing on delivering measurable value, CBIZ Inc. ensures that it remains aligned with the goals and aspirations of its clients, whether they are small businesses, large corporations, or individuals seeking financial advisory services. The emphasis on "top-quality professional business services" highlights the company's commitment to excellence, expertise, and ethical standards in every assignment they undertake.

    Furthermore, this mission statement reflects CBIZ Inc.'s strategic approach to business development, client relationship management, and service delivery. It encapsulates the organization's dedication to innovation, continuous improvement, and adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment. By adhering to this mission, CBIZ Inc. not only positions itself as a leader in its field but also fosters a culture of trust, collaboration, and long-term partnership with its clients.

    In summary, the mission statement of CBIZ Inc. serves as a guiding light for the organization, driving its strategies, operations, and the overall approach to serving clients. It is a declaration of the company's unwavering commitment to delivering value, excellence, and satisfaction in every client engagement.

    How does CBIZ Inc make money?

    CBIZ Inc, a prominent player in the professional services sector, has structured its business model to capitalize on a broad range of services aimed at providing comprehensive support to its clients. This multifaceted approach enables CBIZ to generate revenue through several key channels, ensuring a diversified and stable income stream. In this section, we'll delve into the primary ways in which CBIZ Inc makes money, highlighting its strategic operations that cater to a wide array of client needs.

    Financial Services

    One of the cornerstone offerings of CBIZ Inc is its comprehensive suite of financial services. This segment includes accounting, tax, financial advisory, and risk advisory services. By helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of financial regulations, tax laws, and compliance requirements, CBIZ generates significant revenue. Their expertise in financial planning and analysis also positions them as a go-to resource for companies looking to optimize their financial performance, further bolstering this revenue stream.

    Employee Services

    Another major revenue driver for CBIZ is its range of employee services. This broad category encompasses employee benefits consulting, payroll, human resources outsourcing, and group health benefits. Given the growing complexity of employee benefits and HR management, businesses increasingly rely on CBIZ for these critical functions. By offering tailored solutions that help companies attract and retain talent while managing costs, CBIZ secures a steady flow of income from this segment.

    Insurance Services

    Insurance services represent a vital component of CBIZ's revenue model. This segment covers property and casualty insurance, as well as professional and general liability insurance. Through its expertise in risk assessment and mitigation, CBIZ serves as a trusted advisor to businesses seeking to protect their assets and minimize liabilities. The demand for robust insurance solutions provides CBIZ with a lucrative revenue source, underpinned by the company's deep understanding of the risk landscape.

    Consulting and Advisory Services

    Lastly, CBIZ earns substantial revenue from its consulting and advisory services. This segment includes offerings such as mergers and acquisitions advisory, real estate consulting, and technology consulting. By leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and analytical capabilities, CBIZ delivers valuable insights that guide businesses through complex decisions and strategic pivots. The high-value nature of these services ensures that consulting and advisory remains a key revenue pillar for CBIZ.

    In summary, CBIZ Inc's diversified business model, which spans financial services, employee services, insurance services, and consulting and advisory services, allows the company to tap into various revenue streams. This multifaceted approach not only helps in mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations but also positions CBIZ as a comprehensive solutions provider in the professional services arena.

    CBIZ Inc Business Model Canvas Explained

    CBIZ Inc, a professional services company providing a variety of integrated services, has crafted a business model that leverages its diversified expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to its clients. By dissecting CBIZ's approach through the Business Model Canvas framework, we can gain insights into the core components that drive its success. The Business Model Canvas, a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models, is divided into nine segments: Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources, Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Channels, Customer Segments, Cost Structure, and Revenue Streams.

    Key Partners

    CBIZ's key partners primarily include insurance companies, financial institutions, software providers, and regulatory bodies. These partnerships enable CBIZ to expand its service offerings and reach, ensuring clients receive top-tier, comprehensive solutions.

    Key Activities

    The core activities of CBIZ revolve around consulting, outsourcing services, and financial services, including accounting, tax, financial advisory, government health care consulting, risk advisory, real estate consulting, and valuation services. These activities are crucial for delivering the value propositions to their targeted customer segments.

    Key Resources

    CBIZ's key resources are its skilled professionals, proprietary technologies, and a broad network of partners. The company's ability to leverage these resources effectively allows it to maintain its competitive edge and deliver exceptional services to its clients.

    Value Propositions

    CBIZ offers a wide array of value propositions, including personalized and integrated service offerings, expertise in a broad range of industries, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This multi-faceted value proposition ensures that CBIZ can meet the diverse needs of its clients.

    Customer Relationships

    CBIZ maintains its customer relationships through dedicated account management, ongoing support, and by providing access to an extensive range of resources and knowledge bases. The focus is on creating long-term relationships by consistently delivering value and excellence.


    The company utilizes a variety of channels to reach its customers, including direct sales teams, digital marketing (websites, social media, and email marketing), and through partnerships. These channels are optimized to ensure easy accessibility of their services to the desired customer segments.

    Customer Segments

    CBIZ targets a broad spectrum of customer segments including small to mid-sized businesses, governmental entities, non-profit organizations, and individuals seeking specialized advisory services. This diversification in customer segments allows CBIZ to spread its risks and opportunities.

    Cost Structure

    CBIZ's cost structure is primarily driven by personnel costs, technology investments, and marketing. As a service-oriented company, maintaining a highly skilled workforce and investing in technology for efficient service delivery are significant costs.

    Revenue Streams

    The primary revenue streams for CBIZ include fees from consulting and outsourcing services, audit and tax services, and technology solutions. These streams are diversified across different industries and customer segments, contributing to the company's financial stability and growth.

    By analyzing CBIZ Inc's business model through the Business Model Canvas, it becomes evident how the company's strategic alignment of its key components enables it to deliver exceptional value to its clients, maintain competitive differentiation, and achieve sustainable growth.

    Which companies are the competitors of CBIZ Inc?

    CBIZ Inc., a prominent professional services company, provides a wide array of services including accounting, tax, financial advisory, health benefits, insurance services, and more. As it operates in such a diverse set of industries, CBIZ encounters competition from various sectors. Here, we delve into some of the primary competitors of CBIZ Inc., exploring how they stack up in terms of services offered, market presence, and industry influence.


    One of the "Big Four" accounting organizations, Deloitte offers an extensive range of professional services, including audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk, and financial advisory services. With a global reach and a reputation for excellence, Deloitte stands as a formidable competitor to CBIZ, particularly in the accounting and financial advisory sectors.

    PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

    Another member of the "Big Four," PwC is renowned for its audit and assurance, tax, and consulting services. Its global network and depth of expertise in financial matters position it as a significant competitor to CBIZ, especially in markets where comprehensive, worldwide services are in demand.


    BDO USA, LLP, part of the international BDO network of independent member firms, offers a comprehensive suite of audit, tax, and advisory services. With a strong focus on mid-market clients, BDO competes directly with CBIZ in serving the needs of small to medium-sized businesses across various industries.

    Grant Thornton LLP

    Grant Thornton is another leading company that provides audit, tax, and advisory services. Known for its commitment to high-quality service for public and private clients, Grant Thornton is a notable competitor of CBIZ, especially in the advisory and consulting arenas.


    RSM US LLP, which serves as the United States member of RSM International, a global network of independent audit, tax, and consulting firms, focuses on the middle market, competing with CBIZ in providing tailored services to mid-sized businesses. RSM's emphasis on understanding the industries in which its clients operate mirrors CBIZ's approach to offering specialized services.


    While CBIZ Inc. stands out for its comprehensive suite of professional services and its dedication to client success, it faces robust competition from these major players. Each competitor brings its unique strengths and specializations to the table, contributing to a dynamic and competitive landscape in the professional services industry. Understanding these competitors helps in appreciating the strategic positioning and challenges faced by CBIZ in its quest for growth and excellence.

    CBIZ Inc SWOT Analysis

    CBIZ Inc., a leading provider of financial, insurance, and advisory services in the United States, has consistently demonstrated its prowess in the market. Understanding the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) can provide deeper insights into its operational, strategic, and competitive position. Here's an in-depth SWOT analysis of CBIZ Inc.


    Diverse Service Portfolio: CBIZ Inc. boasts a wide range of services, including accounting, tax, financial advisory, government health care consulting, risk advisory, real estate consulting, and employee services. This diversification helps in mitigating risks associated with market fluctuations in any single sector.

    Extensive Customer Base: With a broad spectrum of services, CBIZ caters to various client segments, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), non-profits, government entities, and individuals. This extensive customer base ensures consistent revenue streams across different economic cycles.

    Experienced Management Team: The leadership at CBIZ Inc. brings years of industry experience and expertise, guiding the company through strategic decisions and growth plans. Their forward-thinking approach has been pivotal in navigating market changes and competitive challenges.


    Dependence on the U.S. Market: Despite its substantial presence, CBIZ Inc.'s operations are heavily concentrated in the United States. This geographical limitation exposes the company to domestic economic fluctuations and regulatory changes, potentially impacting its growth and profitability.

    Competition: The financial and advisory services sector is highly competitive, with numerous firms offering similar services. Standing out among competitors requires constant innovation and service excellence, which can be a significant challenge.


    Expansion into New Markets: CBIZ Inc. has the opportunity to expand its services into new geographical markets. Entering international markets could diversify its revenue streams and reduce dependence on the U.S. economy.

    Technological Advancements: Leveraging new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, could enhance CBIZ's service offerings, improve operational efficiencies, and provide a competitive edge in the market.

    Strategic Acquisitions: Acquiring smaller firms or complementary businesses can provide access to new customers, technologies, and markets. Such strategic moves could accelerate CBIZ Inc.'s growth and diversification efforts.


    Regulatory Changes: As a provider of financial and advisory services, CBIZ Inc. is subject to strict regulatory environments. Changes in laws or regulations, particularly related to taxation and financial reporting, could increase operational costs or limit service offerings.

    Economic Downturns: Economic recessions or downturns can significantly impact CBIZ's business, as clients may cut back on consulting and advisory services to reduce costs. Such periods could affect the company's revenue and profitability.

    Cybersecurity Risks: In the digital age, cybersecurity is a critical concern for firms dealing with sensitive financial data. CBIZ Inc. must continuously invest in robust cybersecurity measures to protect against data breaches and cyber-attacks, which could damage its reputation and client trust.

    In conclusion, CBIZ Inc. stands as a formidable player in the financial and advisory services sector, backed by its diverse service offerings and extensive customer base. However, navigating the challenges of competition, regulatory changes, and cybersecurity risks will be crucial for sustaining growth and leveraging opportunities in new markets and technologies.

    Key Takeaways

    • Ownership and Mission of CBIZ Inc: CBIZ Inc is a publicly traded company, meaning its ownership is distributed among its shareholders. The company's mission revolves around providing professional financial services, including accounting, tax, financial advisory, and benefits and insurance services, to help its clients manage their finances effectively and grow their businesses.

    • Revenue Generation Tactics: CBIZ Inc generates revenue through a diverse portfolio of professional services. These services range from accounting and tax preparation to consulting, risk advisory, and insurance services. The company's ability to offer a wide array of services positions it as a one-stop-shop for business financial needs, driving its income.

    • Business Model Insights: The CBIZ Inc Business Model Canvas highlights how the company creates, delivers, and captures value through key activities such as client services, strategic acquisitions, and a strong focus on client relationships. Their value proposition is deeply rooted in personalized service and expertise in a broad range of financial areas.

    • Competition Landscape: CBIZ Inc faces competition from various firms in the professional services sector. Competitors include large accounting firms, consulting giants, and specialized financial service providers. The competitive landscape underscores the importance of CBIZ Inc's diversified services and its ability to adapt to client needs to stand out.

    • SWOT Analysis Overview: The SWOT analysis for CBIZ Inc reveals its strengths in a comprehensive service portfolio and established market presence. Opportunities lie in expanding services and leveraging technology for better client engagement. However, challenges include intense competition and the need to continuously update its offerings in line with regulatory changes and market demands.


    In conclusion, CBIZ Inc stands as a significant player in the professional services sector, with ownership structured through public shareholders as it is traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol CBZ. Its mission statement, focusing on providing professional business services to help clients better manage their finances and employees, guides its operations and strategic decisions, reflecting a commitment to excellence and client success.

    CBIZ Inc generates revenue through a diverse range of services including accounting, tax, financial advisory, government health care consulting, risk advisory, real estate consulting, and valuation services. The company's business model, articulated through the Business Model Canvas, illustrates how CBIZ creates, delivers, and captures value, showcasing a strategic approach to leveraging its resources and relationships to meet the wide-ranging needs of its clients.

    In the competitive landscape, CBIZ Inc squares off against formidable competitors such as Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG, along with other professional service firms that offer similar financial and consulting services. Despite the stiff competition, CBIZ's unique value propositions and tailored service offerings help it to maintain a competitive edge.

    A SWOT analysis of CBIZ Inc reveals a firm with strong financial health and a diversified service portfolio (Strengths), although it faces challenges such as intense competition and market volatility (Weaknesses). Opportunities for CBIZ include expanding its digital transformation services and capitalizing on emerging markets. However, external threats like regulatory changes and economic downturns pose potential risks to its operations.

    Overall, CBIZ Inc's strategic direction, grounded in its mission and adept at navigating its competitive and operational landscapes, positions the company for continued growth and client service excellence. As CBIZ continues to evolve and adapt in the dynamic professional services industry, its focus on innovation, client service, and strategic expansion will be crucial for its ongoing success and resilience in the face of challenges.


    How can I find a SWOT analysis on a company?

    There are several ways to find a SWOT analysis on a company:

    1. Company websites: Some companies may have their own SWOT analysis available on their website, especially if they are publicly traded and have a section for investor relations or corporate information.

    2. Business databases: You can search for SWOT analyses on business databases such as Business Source Complete, IBISWorld, or MarketLine Advantage. These databases often have reports and analysis on various companies.

    3. Stock market websites: Websites like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, or Morningstar may have SWOT analyses on publicly traded companies as part of their financial analysis reports.

    4. Industry reports: Industry reports from research firms such as Gartner, Forrester, or McKinsey may include SWOT analyses on companies within a specific industry.

    5. Academic journals: Some academic journals may publish SWOT analyses on companies as part of their research articles.

    6. Consult with a business analyst or consultant: If you are unable to find a SWOT analysis on a specific company, you can consult with a business analyst or consultant who may be able to provide you with a customized analysis.

    What will be your SWOT analysis for the company?


    1. Strong brand reputation and recognition
    2. Diverse product portfolio
    3. Robust distribution network
    4. Strong financial performance
    5. Experienced and skilled workforce


    1. Dependence on few key suppliers
    2. Limited presence in emerging markets
    3. High operational costs
    4. Vulnerability to economic downturns
    5. Limited innovation in product development


    1. Expansion into new markets
    2. Investing in research and development for new product development
    3. Strategic partnerships and collaborations
    4. Increasing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly products
    5. Acquisition of smaller competitors to increase market share


    1. Intense competition in the industry
    2. Fluctuating raw material prices
    3. Regulatory challenges
    4. Economic instability
    5. Changing consumer preferences

    What is an example of a company that has a SWOT analysis?

    One example of a company that has a SWOT analysis is Apple Inc.

    Strengths: Strong brand image, loyal customer base, innovative products, and robust financial performance.

    Weaknesses: Dependence on product sales for revenue, high prices compared to competitors, and limited product line diversification.

    Opportunities: Expansion into new markets, development of new products or services, and growth through acquisitions.

    Threats: Intense competition in the technology industry, changing consumer preferences, and potential supply chain disruptions.

    What is SWOT analysis for IAS?

    SWOT analysis for IAS (Indian Administrative Service) can be conducted to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


    1. Prestigious and respected career option in India.
    2. Opportunities for making a positive impact on society through policy-making and administration.
    3. Job security and attractive salary and benefits.
    4. Opportunity for career growth and advancement.


    1. Intense competition in the selection process.
    2. High levels of stress and pressure due to the demanding nature of the job.
    3. Limited work-life balance.
    4. Bureaucratic red tape and slow decision-making processes.


    1. Increasing focus on governance and public administration reforms in India.
    2. Opportunities for IAS officers to work on diverse projects and initiatives.
    3. Potential for international collaborations and exposure.
    4. Opportunities for further education and skill development.


    1. Political interference in decision-making processes.
    2. Increasing public scrutiny and criticism of the bureaucracy.
    3. Challenges in implementing policies and reforms effectively.
    4. Potential for burnout and mental health issues due to the demanding nature of the job.

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