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Company > Asanko Gold Inc: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Asanko Gold Inc: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Published: Jun 16, 2023

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    In this blog article, we will delve into the business model, SWOT analysis, and competitors of Asanko Gold Inc, a prominent player in the mining industry. Asanko Gold Inc is a Canadian-based company engaged in the exploration, development, and production of gold properties. We will explore their strategic approach in creating value through efficient operations, strong partnerships, and sustainable practices. Additionally, we will conduct a SWOT analysis to assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, along with a review of their key competitors in the market. Stay tuned for valuable insights into Asanko Gold Inc's position in the industry in 2023.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Who owns Asanko Gold Inc and the importance of understanding the ownership structure of a company.
    • The mission statement of Asanko Gold Inc and how it guides the company's operations and decision-making.
    • How Asanko Gold Inc generates revenue and makes money through its business activities.
    • An in-depth explanation of the Asanko Gold Inc Business Model Canvas and its components.
    • The key competitors of Asanko Gold Inc and their impact on the company's market position.
    • An analysis of Asanko Gold Inc's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through a SWOT analysis.

    Who owns Asanko Gold Inc?

    Major Shareholders

    Asanko Gold Inc. is a publicly traded company, so the ownership is distributed among various shareholders. Let's take a closer look at some of the major shareholders of Asanko Gold Inc.

    1. Gold Fields Limited

    Gold Fields Limited is a renowned gold mining company based in South Africa. They are currently the largest shareholder of Asanko Gold Inc., owning approximately 9.9% of the company's outstanding shares. Their significant investment in Asanko Gold Inc. demonstrates their confidence in the company's potential and their commitment to the mining industry.

    2. Van Eck Associates Corporation

    Van Eck Associates Corporation is a prominent investment management firm based in the United States. They specialize in managing exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. As of the latest available information, Van Eck Associates Corporation holds around 8.3% of the outstanding shares of Asanko Gold Inc. Their involvement suggests that they see value in Asanko Gold Inc. and consider it a promising investment opportunity.

    3. Fidelity Management & Research Company

    Fidelity Management & Research Company is one of the largest mutual fund companies globally. They manage a wide range of investment funds and have a significant presence in the mining sector. Fidelity Management & Research Company currently holds approximately 7.7% of the outstanding shares of Asanko Gold Inc. Their investment in the company highlights their belief in its growth prospects and potential for delivering returns.

    4. BlackRock Institutional Trust Company

    BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, another major shareholder of Asanko Gold Inc., manages various investment funds and provides investment management services. They currently own around 5.6% of the outstanding shares of Asanko Gold Inc. BlackRock's investment in the company signifies their confidence in its performance and their desire to capitalize on the potential of the gold mining industry.

    Other Shareholders

    Apart from the major shareholders mentioned above, there are numerous other institutional investors, mutual funds, and individual shareholders who own shares of Asanko Gold Inc. While their ownership stakes might be relatively smaller, their collective support contributes to the stability and growth of the company.

    It's important to note that the ownership structure of Asanko Gold Inc. may change over time as shareholders buy or sell their shares. Publicly traded companies often experience fluctuations in ownership as investors reassess their portfolios or market conditions evolve. Therefore, it's advisable to refer to the latest regulatory filings and official reports for the most up-to-date information on the ownership of Asanko Gold Inc.

    What is the mission statement of Asanko Gold Inc?

    Defining the Mission Statement

    A company's mission statement serves as a guiding principle, outlining its purpose, values, and objectives. For Asanko Gold Inc., a gold mining company operating in Ghana, West Africa, their mission statement encapsulates their vision for growth and sustainability within the industry.

    Asanko Gold Inc.'s Mission Statement

    Asanko Gold Inc.'s mission statement revolves around their commitment to delivering value to their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, host communities, and the government of Ghana. Their mission statement can be summarized as follows:

    "At Asanko Gold Inc., our mission is to unlock the full potential of our world-class gold assets, while adhering to the highest standards of safety, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Through responsible mining practices and strategic partnerships, we strive to create sustainable value for our stakeholders and contribute to the economic development of our host communities."

    Unlocking Potential and Ensuring Responsibility

    Asanko Gold Inc. acknowledges the significance of their gold assets and aims to optimize their extraction, processing, and distribution to maximize their commercial potential. By employing advanced mining technologies and operational expertise, the company seeks to extract gold efficiently and effectively. This approach aligns with their mission to unlock the full potential of their assets, ensuring long-term profitability and growth.

    However, Asanko Gold Inc. does not view profitability as the sole measure of success. They recognize the importance of responsible mining practices, environmental protection, and social engagement. By prioritizing safety, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility, the company strives to minimize the impact of their operations on the environment and host communities.

    Embracing Sustainable Value Creation

    Asanko Gold Inc. understands that sustainable value creation extends beyond financial gains. Their mission statement highlights their commitment to creating value for various stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, host communities, and the government of Ghana.

    To achieve this, the company actively engages in strategic partnerships with local communities, seeking to foster mutually beneficial relationships. By collaborating with community members, Asanko Gold Inc. aims to generate employment opportunities, promote local procurement, and support socioeconomic development initiatives. They recognize that their success is intertwined with the prosperity of their host communities, and their mission reflects this commitment.

    Contributing to Economic Development

    Asanko Gold Inc. acknowledges its role in contributing to the economic development of Ghana, where their mining operations are based. Their mission statement emphasizes the company's dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen and supporting the growth of the local economy.

    Through the payment of taxes, royalties, and other contributions, Asanko Gold Inc. aims to provide a sustainable revenue stream for the government of Ghana. This, in turn, can be used to improve infrastructure, education, healthcare, and other public services, ultimately benefiting the wider population.


    Asanko Gold Inc.'s mission statement encapsulates their commitment to unlocking the full potential of their gold assets, while maintaining the highest standards of safety, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. By delivering value to their stakeholders and contributing to the economic development of their host communities, the company aspires to be a leading player in the gold mining industry, recognized for both profitability and sustainable practices.

    How does Asanko Gold Inc make money?

    Gold Production

    Asanko Gold Inc primarily generates revenue through gold production. The company owns and operates the Asanko Gold Mine, located in Ghana, West Africa. This mine is a multi-deposit complex with two main projects: the Obotan Project and the Esaase Project.

    The Obotan Project is the first phase of the Asanko Gold Mine and consists of the Nkran pit and the satellite deposits of Adubiaso, Abore, and Asuadai. The Nkran pit is an open-pit mine, while the satellite deposits are underground mines. Asanko Gold Inc extracts gold ore from these deposits and processes it to obtain gold dor'', which is then sold on the market.

    The Esaase Project is the second phase of the Asanko Gold Mine and is currently under development. Once operational, it will significantly increase the company's gold production capacity. This project includes the Esaase pit and the nearby mining leases of Akwasiso, Dynamite Hill, and Asuadai West. Similar to the Obotan Project, the gold ore from these deposits will be processed to produce gold dor''.

    Gold Sales

    Asanko Gold Inc sells its gold dor'' to various customers, including refiners, bullion banks, and other market participants. The company typically enters into long-term sales contracts to secure a portion of its future production. These contracts provide price stability and assurance for the company's revenue stream.

    The price of gold is influenced by various factors, including supply and demand dynamics, global economic conditions, and investor sentiment. Asanko Gold Inc closely monitors these factors to optimize the timing and pricing of its gold sales. By managing its gold sales effectively, the company aims to maximize its profitability and shareholder value.

    Joint Ventures and Royalties

    In addition to its own gold production, Asanko Gold Inc also generates revenue through joint ventures and royalty agreements. The company has entered into strategic partnerships with other mining companies to develop certain projects together. Through these joint ventures, Asanko Gold Inc earns a share of the profits or royalties from the production of gold or other minerals.

    Furthermore, the company has royalty agreements with other mining operations in the region. These agreements entitle Asanko Gold Inc to a percentage of the revenue or profits generated from the sale of gold or other minerals. These joint ventures and royalties diversify the company's income sources and contribute to its overall financial performance.

    Overall, Asanko Gold Inc's revenue generation relies on its gold production, gold sales, joint ventures, and royalty agreements. By effectively managing these aspects of its business, the company aims to maximize its profitability and deliver value to its shareholders.

    Asanko Gold Inc Business Model Canvas Explained

    What is the Business Model Canvas?

    The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool that helps organizations visualize, analyze, and design their business models. It consists of nine key building blocks that capture the essential aspects of a business's operations, value proposition, customers, and revenue streams. The canvas provides a holistic view of a company's business model, enabling stakeholders to understand its key components and how they interact with each other.

    Asanko Gold Inc - A Brief Overview

    Asanko Gold Inc is a Canadian-based gold mining company that operates in Ghana, West Africa. The company's primary focus is on the exploration, development, and production of gold deposits in the region. Asanko Gold Inc has two main projects: the Asanko Gold Mine, which is a multi-deposit complex, and the Esaase Gold Project, which is currently in the development stage.

    Key Elements of Asanko Gold Inc's Business Model Canvas

    1. Key Partnerships: Asanko Gold Inc collaborates with various stakeholders to ensure the success of its operations. This includes partnerships with local communities, government bodies, suppliers, and contractors. These partnerships are crucial for securing necessary permits, accessing resources, and maintaining positive relationships with the local community.

    2. Key Activities: The key activities of Asanko Gold Inc include exploration, mine development, ore processing, and gold production. The company invests heavily in exploration to identify potential gold reserves and continuously explores new opportunities for growth. Once a deposit is identified, the company undertakes the necessary activities to develop and operate the mine efficiently.

    3. Key Resources: Asanko Gold Inc relies on a range of resources to support its operations. These include skilled personnel, technological infrastructure, mining equipment, and access to capital. The company's ability to attract and retain highly skilled professionals is crucial for the successful execution of its mining operations.

    4. Value Proposition: Asanko Gold Inc's value proposition lies in its ability to extract and produce gold in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. The company is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, promoting local economic development, and ensuring the health and safety of its workforce. By adhering to these principles, Asanko Gold Inc aims to create long-term value for its shareholders and stakeholders.

    5. Customer Segments: Asanko Gold Inc primarily caters to two customer segments: gold bullion buyers and institutional investors. Gold bullion buyers are interested in purchasing physical gold, while institutional investors are attracted to the company's potential for generating returns through gold production.

    6. Channels: Asanko Gold Inc utilizes various channels to reach its customers and stakeholders. These include direct sales to gold bullion buyers, investor relations activities, and collaborations with financial institutions for fundraising.

    7. Customer Relationships: Maintaining strong relationships with customers and stakeholders is crucial for Asanko Gold Inc. The company strives to build trust, transparency, and open communication with its customers and investors. It also engages with local communities to ensure their involvement and support throughout the mining process.

    8. Cost Structure: The cost structure of Asanko Gold Inc mainly comprises exploration expenses, mine development costs, operating costs, and administrative expenses. The company continuously aims to optimize its cost structure to maximize profitability and shareholder value.

    9. Revenue Streams: Asanko Gold Inc generates revenue primarily from the sale of gold produced from its mines. The company's revenue streams are dependent on factors such as gold prices, production volumes, and operating costs.


    By analyzing Asanko Gold Inc's business model canvas, we can gain insights into the key components that drive the company's operations and success. The canvas highlights the importance of partnerships, activities, resources, value proposition, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, cost structure, and revenue streams in the gold mining industry. Understanding these elements allows stakeholders to appreciate the strategic approach and value creation strategies adopted by Asanko Gold Inc.

    Which companies are the competitors of Asanko Gold Inc?

    Major Competitors

    Asanko Gold Inc. operates in the highly competitive gold mining industry, where it faces several major competitors. These companies are also engaged in gold mining operations and aim to capitalize on the demand for this precious metal. Some of the significant competitors of Asanko Gold Inc. include:

    1. Newmont Corporation: With operations in multiple countries, Newmont Corporation is one of the largest gold mining companies globally. It has a diverse portfolio of mines and has consistently been a top producer of gold. Newmont's extensive experience, global presence, and financial strength make it a formidable competitor for Asanko Gold Inc.

    2. Barrick Gold Corporation: Another key player in the gold mining industry is Barrick Gold Corporation. It is one of the largest gold producers and operates mines across the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. Barrick Gold Corporation's strong production capabilities, extensive reserves, and focus on operational excellence make it a direct competitor for Asanko Gold Inc.

    3. AngloGold Ashanti Limited: AngloGold Ashanti Limited is a global gold mining company with a presence in multiple countries. It focuses on both exploration and production of gold. With a diverse portfolio of mines and a commitment to sustainable mining practices, AngloGold Ashanti Limited presents a strong competition for Asanko Gold Inc.

    Junior Competitors

    In addition to the major players in the gold mining industry, Asanko Gold Inc. also faces competition from several junior companies that are focused on exploration and development of gold projects. These companies may not have the same scale or financial resources as the major competitors, but they possess potential growth opportunities. Some of the junior competitors of Asanko Gold Inc. include:

    1. Teranga Gold Corporation: Teranga Gold Corporation is a Canadian-based gold company that operates mines in Senegal and Burkina Faso. It has a strong focus on exploration and development of gold projects in West Africa. Teranga Gold Corporation's strategic location and growth potential make it a noteworthy competitor for Asanko Gold Inc.

    2. Roxgold Inc.: Roxgold Inc. is another junior gold mining company with operations in West Africa, specifically in Burkina Faso. It is known for its high-grade gold deposits and has a strong track record of exploration success. Roxgold Inc.'s commitment to responsible mining practices and its exploration potential make it a notable competitor for Asanko Gold Inc.

    3. Golden Star Resources Ltd: Golden Star Resources Ltd is a junior gold mining company with mines located in Ghana. It focuses on both underground and open-pit mining methods. Golden Star Resources Ltd's operational expertise and its exploration efforts in Ghana position it as a competitor for Asanko Gold Inc.

    Asanko Gold Inc. competes within a highly dynamic industry, and the competitive landscape may change over time due to mergers, acquisitions, and new entrants. However, these major and junior competitors currently pose a significant challenge to Asanko Gold Inc.'s market share and growth aspirations.

    Asanko Gold Inc SWOT Analysis


    • Strong financial position: Asanko Gold Inc has a robust balance sheet and a healthy cash flow, allowing it to fund its ongoing operations and invest in future growth opportunities.

    • Diverse and high-quality asset portfolio: The company owns and operates a portfolio of gold mines in Ghana, West Africa. These mines have proven reserves and a track record of consistent production, providing a stable revenue stream.

    • Experienced management team: Asanko Gold Inc is led by a team of industry professionals with extensive experience in mining operations, project development, and financial management. This expertise enables the company to effectively navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the gold industry.

    • Strategic partnerships and alliances: The company has established strong relationships with local communities, government entities, and other stakeholders in Ghana. These partnerships provide Asanko Gold Inc with access to valuable resources, support, and a social license to operate.


    • Exposure to geopolitical risks: Asanko Gold Inc operates in Ghana, a country that can be subject to political instability and regulatory changes. These risks can impact the company's operations, including permits, licenses, and operating conditions.

    • Reliance on a single commodity: The company's primary product is gold, making it vulnerable to fluctuations in gold prices. Any significant decline in gold prices can impact the company's profitability and financial performance.

    • Limited geographical diversification: Asanko Gold Inc's operations are concentrated in Ghana, which exposes the company to country-specific risks. Diversifying its operations to other regions or countries could help mitigate these risks.


    • Exploration and development potential: Asanko Gold Inc has identified several exploration targets and potential development projects within its existing land holdings. Expanding its resource base through successful exploration and development could drive future growth and increase its production capacity.

    • Growing demand for gold: The global demand for gold remains strong, driven by factors such as economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, and increasing investment in safe-haven assets. Asanko Gold Inc can capitalize on this demand by increasing its production and expanding its market presence.

    • Potential for strategic acquisitions: The company has the financial strength and expertise to pursue strategic acquisitions in the gold sector. Acquiring new assets or partnering with other mining companies can provide Asanko Gold Inc with additional reserves, diversification, and operational synergies.


    • Volatility in gold prices: Fluctuations in gold prices can significantly impact the company's profitability and cash flow. Factors such as global economic conditions, currency fluctuations, and investor sentiment can cause rapid price changes, posing a threat to Asanko Gold Inc's financial stability.

    • Environmental and social risks: The mining industry is subject to increasing scrutiny regarding its environmental impact and social responsibility. Asanko Gold Inc must adhere to stringent environmental regulations and engage in sustainable practices to mitigate reputational risks and ensure the support of local communities.

    • Intense competition: Asanko Gold Inc operates in a highly competitive industry, facing competition from both established mining companies and emerging players. The company must continually innovate, optimize its operations, and differentiate itself to maintain its market position and attract investors.

    Key Takeaways

    • Asanko Gold Inc is owned by its shareholders, who hold shares in the company.
    • The mission statement of Asanko Gold Inc is to deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders through responsible mining and exploration in Ghana and other African countries.
    • Asanko Gold Inc generates revenue primarily through the production and sale of gold. They operate two mines in Ghana, the Asanko Gold Mine and the Obotan Gold Project.
    • The Business Model Canvas of Asanko Gold Inc involves key activities such as exploration, mining, processing, and sales. They also focus on building partnerships with local communities and stakeholders.
    • Competitors of Asanko Gold Inc include other gold mining companies operating in Ghana and Africa, such as AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, and Newmont Mining.
    • In terms of a SWOT analysis, Asanko Gold Inc has strengths in its established mines and exploration projects, as well as opportunities for growth in the gold market. However, they also face challenges such as potential operational and financial risks, as well as competition from other mining companies.


    In conclusion, Asanko Gold Inc is owned by a combination of institutional and individual investors. The mission statement of Asanko Gold Inc is to become a mid-tier gold mining company that maximizes value for all stakeholders. The company generates revenue through the sale of gold and other minerals extracted from their mining operations. Asanko Gold Inc's business model canvas highlights key activities such as exploration and development, production, and marketing and sales. As for competitors, some of the notable companies in the gold mining industry include Newmont Corporation, Barrick Gold Corporation, and AngloGold Ashanti Limited. In terms of a SWOT analysis, Asanko Gold Inc's strengths lie in its strong financial position and extensive mineral reserves, while weaknesses include dependence on a single mine. Opportunities for the company include expanding operations and exploring new prospects, while threats include fluctuations in gold prices and environmental regulations. Overall, Asanko Gold Inc has positioned itself as a significant player in the gold mining industry and continues to strive towards its mission.


    How can I find a SWOT analysis on a company?

    There are several ways to find a SWOT analysis on a company:

    1. Company's official website: Check if the company you are researching has published a SWOT analysis on their official website. Many companies provide this information in their annual reports, investor presentations, or strategic plans.

    2. Business databases: Utilize business databases such as Bloomberg, Hoovers, MarketLine, or IBISWorld. These databases often provide SWOT analyses and other company information. Access to these databases may require a subscription or access through a library or educational institution.

    3. Business publications: Look for articles or reports from reputable business publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, or The Wall Street Journal. These publications often provide SWOT analysis as part of their company profiles or industry reports.

    4. Market research reports: Market research firms like MarketResearch.com or Statista may have SWOT analysis reports available for purchase or access. These reports provide comprehensive analysis of specific companies and industries.

    5. Google search: Conduct a specific search using the company name followed by "SWOT analysis." This may lead you to blogs, articles, or other resources that have already conducted a SWOT analysis on the company.

    6. Academic resources: Search academic databases like JSTOR or ProQuest using the company name and "SWOT analysis" as keywords. This can help you find scholarly articles or research papers that include SWOT analyses.

    Remember to critically evaluate the sources you find and consider multiple perspectives when analyzing a company's SWOT.

    What is a SWOT analysis for a real company?

    A SWOT analysis is a framework used to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a company. Here is an example of a SWOT analysis for a real company, Apple Inc.:


    1. Strong brand image and customer loyalty.
    2. Innovative product range, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
    3. High-profit margins and strong financial performance.
    4. Extensive supply chain management and efficient distribution network.
    5. Robust intellectual property portfolio, ensuring a competitive advantage.


    1. Reliance on a limited number of product lines, making the company vulnerable to market fluctuations.
    2. High prices compared to competitors, potentially limiting market share.
    3. Dependence on third-party manufacturers for components and assembly, posing supply chain risks.
    4. Limited customization options for products, restricting customer preferences.
    5. Relatively low market share in some emerging markets.


    1. Growing demand for smart devices, providing a chance to expand product portfolio.
    2. Increasing market penetration in emerging economies with rising middle-class populations.
    3. Expansion of services segment, including Apple Music, Apple Pay, and Apple TV+.
    4. Potential for strategic acquisitions to diversify offerings or enter new markets.
    5. Growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products, creating opportunities for innovation.


    1. Intense competition from companies like Samsung, Google, and Huawei in various product categories.
    2. Rapid technological advancements, making existing products or features outdated.
    3. Dependence on key suppliers and manufacturers, leading to supply chain disruptions.
    4. Fluctuating global economic conditions affecting consumer spending habits.
    5. Regulatory challenges regarding privacy, data protection, and antitrust laws.

    It is important to note that this SWOT analysis is based on publicly available information and may not reflect the most current situation of the company.

    What are the weaknesses of a jewelry business?

    1. High competition: The jewelry industry is highly competitive, with numerous established and emerging brands. It can be challenging for a new jewelry business to stand out and attract customers.

    2. Seasonal demand: Jewelry sales often fluctuate depending on the season or occasion, such as holidays, weddings, or anniversaries. This can lead to periods of low demand and revenue.

    3. Changing fashion trends: Jewelry trends can change rapidly, making it necessary for businesses to constantly adapt and update their collections. Failure to keep up with the latest trends may result in decreased sales.

    4. Price volatility: The cost of precious metals and gemstones, which are key materials used in jewelry, can be highly volatile. Fluctuations in prices can impact profit margins and make it challenging to set consistent pricing for products.

    5. Inventory management: Managing inventory in a jewelry business can be complex due to the wide variety of designs, sizes, and materials. Overstocking or understocking can lead to financial losses or missed sales opportunities.

    6. Counterfeit products: The jewelry industry is prone to counterfeit products, which can negatively impact the reputation and trustworthiness of a business. Customers may be hesitant to purchase jewelry from a brand that has experienced counterfeit issues.

    7. High cost of production: The production of quality jewelry requires skilled artisans, expensive materials, and specialized equipment. These factors contribute to high production costs, which can affect pricing and profitability.

    8. Seasonal workforce: During peak seasons, such as the holiday season, jewelry businesses may need to hire additional staff to handle increased demand. Finding and training temporary employees can be time-consuming and may impact overall productivity.

    9. Marketing and brand building: Building brand awareness and attracting customers can be a challenge for jewelry businesses, especially for new or small businesses with limited marketing budgets. Effective marketing strategies are crucial to establish a strong brand presence in the market.

    10. Ethical concerns: The jewelry industry has faced scrutiny regarding ethical issues such as fair trade, conflict-free sourcing of materials, and labor practices. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of these issues, and businesses need to address and comply with ethical standards to maintain customer trust.

    What is SWOT analysis for value chain?

    SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business or organization. When applied to the value chain, SWOT analysis helps identify and analyze these factors specifically related to the value chain activities of a company.

    Strengths: These are internal factors that give a company an advantage in its value chain activities. For example, a strong supplier network, efficient logistics systems, or skilled employees can be considered strengths.

    Weaknesses: These are internal factors that hinder a company's performance in its value chain activities. This could include poor communication within the value chain, outdated technology, or lack of expertise in certain areas.

    Opportunities: These are external factors that could be leveraged to improve a company's value chain activities. For instance, emerging markets, new technologies, or changing customer preferences can present opportunities for growth and improvement.

    Threats: These are external factors that may negatively impact a company's value chain activities. Examples of threats could include intense competition, changing regulations, or economic downturns.

    By conducting a SWOT analysis for the value chain, companies can gain insights into their internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. This analysis helps them understand how to optimize their value chain activities, make informed decisions, and develop strategies to improve performance and competitiveness.

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