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Company > argenx SE: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

argenx SE: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Published: Apr 05, 2023

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    In this blog article, we will delve into the business model, SWOT analysis, and competitors of argenx SE, a prominent company in the biotechnology industry. As of 2023, argenx SE has established itself as a key player in the market, known for its innovative approach to developing therapeutic antibodies. We will explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by the company, as well as examine its competitors in the industry. Join us as we analyze the factors that contribute to argenx SE's success and explore the challenges it may encounter in the coming years.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Who owns argenx SE and the significance of understanding its ownership structure in the context of the company's operations.
    • The mission statement of argenx SE and how it guides the company's strategic decisions and activities.
    • How argenx SE generates revenue and sustains its financial growth through its unique business model.
    • An explanation of the argenx SE Business Model Canvas, providing insights into the key components that contribute to the company's success.
    • An overview of the competitors of argenx SE and their potential impact on the company's market position.
    • A comprehensive SWOT analysis of argenx SE, highlighting the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the biopharmaceutical industry.

    Who owns argenx SE?

    Major Shareholders

    As of the latest available information, the ownership of argenx SE is dispersed among several major shareholders. These shareholders play a crucial role in shaping the direction and governance of the company. Let's take a closer look at some of the main stakeholders:

    Van Herk Investments

    Van Herk Investments, a Netherlands-based investment firm founded by Aat van Herk, is one of the largest shareholders of argenx SE. With their significant stake in the company, Van Herk Investments holds considerable influence in decision-making processes. Their investment strategy focuses on identifying undervalued companies with substantial growth potential, making argenx SE an attractive choice.

    Federated Hermes

    Federated Hermes, a global investment management company, also holds a notable stake in argenx SE. With a commitment to sustainable investing, Federated Hermes actively engages with companies to promote long-term value creation and responsible business practices. Their involvement as a major shareholder contributes to the overall stability and strategic direction of argenx SE.

    Fidelity Investments

    Fidelity Investments, a renowned American multinational financial services corporation, is another significant shareholder of argenx SE. With a diverse portfolio of investments, Fidelity brings extensive experience and expertise to the table. Their involvement in the company indicates the confidence they have in argenx SE's growth prospects and potential for generating returns.

    Other Institutional and Individual Investors

    In addition to the major shareholders mentioned above, argenx SE has attracted investments from various institutional and individual investors. These include prominent investment firms, pension funds, and private wealth management entities. Collectively, these investors contribute to the overall ownership structure of argenx SE, making it a well-supported and diversified company.


    The ownership of argenx SE is spread across a range of major shareholders, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table. Van Herk Investments, Federated Hermes, and Fidelity Investments are among the notable stakeholders who play a crucial role in shaping the company's future. Additionally, the involvement of other institutional and individual investors further strengthens the ownership structure of argenx SE. This diverse ownership base ensures a well-rounded approach to decision-making and helps foster long-term growth and success for the company.

    What is the mission statement of argenx SE?

    The Mission Statement of argenx SE

    argenx SE is a biotechnology company that is dedicated to transforming the lives of patients with severe autoimmune diseases and cancer. The company's mission statement reflects its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and patient-centricity.


    At argenx SE, innovation is at the core of everything they do. The company aims to push the boundaries of science and technology to develop novel therapies that address unmet medical needs. By leveraging its expertise in immunology and antibody engineering, argenx SE strives to discover and develop breakthrough treatments that have the potential to revolutionize patient care.


    argenx SE believes in the power of collaboration and partnerships. The company actively seeks to collaborate with leading academic institutions, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical organizations to accelerate the development and commercialization of its therapeutic candidates. By fostering strong collaborative relationships, argenx SE aims to combine the strengths and expertise of different stakeholders to bring innovative therapies to patients as quickly as possible.


    The ultimate goal of argenx SE is to improve the lives of patients. The company is dedicated to putting patients at the center of everything it does, from research and development to commercialization. argenx SE strives to understand the unique needs and challenges faced by patients with severe autoimmune diseases and cancer, and works tirelessly to develop therapies that can make a meaningful difference in their lives. By prioritizing patient-centricity, argenx SE aims to deliver innovative treatments that have the potential to transform the standard of care in these disease areas.

    In conclusion, the mission statement of argenx SE reflects its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and patient-centricity. Through these core principles, the company is working towards developing groundbreaking therapies that have the potential to significantly improve the lives of patients with severe autoimmune diseases and cancer.

    How does argenx SE make money?

    Revenue Streams

    argenx SE generates its revenue through multiple streams, primarily derived from its innovative antibody-based therapeutic products and collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. Here are the key ways in which the company makes money:

    Product Sales

    The primary source of revenue for argenx SE is the sales of its proprietary therapeutic products. The company has developed a portfolio of novel antibody-based medicines that target various diseases, including severe autoimmune disorders and cancer. These products are marketed and sold globally through strategic partnerships and in-house commercialization efforts. By leveraging their expertise in antibody engineering, argenx SE has been able to create a diverse product pipeline, driving sales and contributing to the company's financial success.

    Licensing and Collaboration Agreements

    argenx SE actively engages in collaborations and strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and commercialize its therapeutic candidates. These agreements often involve upfront payments, milestone payments, and royalties on future sales. Through these collaborations, argenx SE not only benefits from the financial contributions of its partners but also gains access to their extensive resources, expertise, and global distribution networks. This allows the company to expand its reach and accelerate the development and commercialization of its products, ultimately generating additional revenue.

    Research and Development Funding

    Another significant source of revenue for argenx SE comes from research and development (R&D) funding. The company has been successful in securing grants, subsidies, and funding from governmental organizations, research institutions, and foundations to support its ongoing R&D initiatives. These funds contribute to the advancement of its innovative product candidates and provide financial stability to the company's operations. By diversifying its revenue streams through R&D funding, argenx SE can further invest in its research programs and explore new therapeutic opportunities.

    Royalties and Milestone Payments

    argenx SE also generates revenue through royalties and milestone payments from its licensed products. As the company's partnered products progress through clinical development and gain regulatory approvals, argenx SE becomes eligible to receive milestone payments from its partners. Additionally, it earns royalties based on the sales of these products in the market. This revenue stream provides a long-term financial benefit to argenx SE, as successful products continue to generate revenue even after their initial launch.

    In summary, argenx SE generates revenue through product sales, licensing and collaboration agreements, research and development funding, as well as royalties and milestone payments. By diversifying its revenue streams and leveraging strategic partnerships, the company has established a strong financial foundation for its continued growth and innovation in the field of antibody-based therapeutics.

    argenx SE Business Model Canvas Explained

    Introduction to argenx SE

    argenx SE is a biotechnology company that specializes in the discovery and development of innovative antibody-based therapies for the treatment of severe autoimmune diseases and cancer. With their unique approach and cutting-edge technology, argenx has gained recognition in the pharmaceutical industry for their ability to generate highly differentiated therapeutic antibodies.

    What is the Business Model Canvas?

    The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that enables companies to describe, design, challenge, and pivot their business models. It provides a visual representation of the key components and relationships that make up a business, helping organizations understand how they create, deliver, and capture value.

    How Does argenx SE Utilize the Business Model Canvas?

    argenx SE utilizes the Business Model Canvas to map out their business model and gain a comprehensive understanding of their value proposition, customer segments, key activities, resources, and revenue streams. By analyzing each component of the canvas, argenx can make informed decisions and align their strategies with their overall business objectives.

    Value Proposition

    argenx SE's value proposition lies in their ability to develop differentiated therapeutic antibodies that target severe autoimmune diseases and cancer. Their innovative technology platform, called SIMPLE Antibody''', allows them to generate antibodies with enhanced functionality and efficacy, providing patients with potentially life-changing treatments. By focusing on unmet medical needs and delivering novel therapies, argenx creates value for patients, healthcare providers, and payers.

    Customer Segments

    argenx SE primarily targets pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and academic institutions as their customer segments. These entities are interested in licensing or partnering with argenx to gain access to their unique antibody-based therapies. Additionally, argenx collaborates with strategic partners who provide expertise, resources, and funding for the development and commercialization of their products.

    Key Activities

    The key activities of argenx SE revolve around research and development, clinical trials, and commercialization of their antibody-based therapies. They invest heavily in R&D to continuously improve their technology platform and expand their pipeline of potential drug candidates. Clinical trials play a vital role in evaluating the safety and efficacy of their therapies, while commercialization efforts involve partnering with pharmaceutical companies to bring their products to market.


    To support their key activities, argenx SE relies on a range of resources, including highly skilled scientists, state-of-the-art research facilities, partnerships with academic institutions, and access to funding. Their team of experts in antibody technology and drug development are crucial in delivering innovative therapies to the market.

    Revenue Streams

    argenx SE generates revenue through a combination of licensing agreements, partnerships, and milestone payments. When they successfully reach certain milestones in the development and commercialization process, they receive payments from their partners. Additionally, they may receive royalties based on the sales of their therapies in the market.


    argenx SE's utilization of the Business Model Canvas allows them to strategically plan and execute their business activities. By understanding their value proposition, customer segments, key activities, resources, and revenue streams, argenx can position themselves as a leading biotechnology company in the field of antibody-based therapies. With their focus on innovation, collaboration, and creating value for patients, argenx continues to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry.

    Which companies are the competitors of argenx SE?

    Major competitors

    argenx SE faces competition from several companies in the biopharmaceutical industry. Some of its major competitors include:

    1. Genmab A/S: Genmab is a Danish biotechnology company that focuses on the development and commercialization of antibody-based therapies. It has a strong pipeline of products targeting various diseases, including cancer and autoimmune disorders. Genmab's flagship product, Darzalex, is approved for the treatment of multiple myeloma.

    2. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: Regeneron is an American biotechnology company known for its innovative antibody-based therapeutics. The company has a diverse product portfolio, with key drugs such as Eylea (for retinal diseases) and Dupixent (for allergic diseases). Regeneron also collaborates with other pharmaceutical companies, further expanding its reach in the market.

    3. Alexion Pharmaceuticals: Alexion is a global biopharmaceutical company specializing in rare diseases. It focuses on developing and commercializing therapies for conditions such as paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS). Alexion's key product, Soliris, is a blockbuster drug used to treat PNH and aHUS.

    Emerging competitors

    In addition to the major players in the industry, argenx SE also faces competition from emerging companies that are rapidly gaining recognition in the biopharmaceutical space. Some of these emerging competitors include:

    1. MorphoSys AG: MorphoSys is a German biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of antibody-based therapeutics. The company's pipeline includes drugs targeting various diseases, including cancer and inflammatory conditions. MorphoSys' most advanced product, Tremfya, is approved for the treatment of plaque psoriasis.

    2. Incyte Corporation: Incyte is an American biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery and development of small molecule drugs. The company has a strong presence in the field of oncology and is known for its product, Jakafi, which is approved for the treatment of certain blood disorders.

    3. Galapagos NV: Galapagos is a Belgian biotechnology company that specializes in the discovery and development of small molecule and antibody-based therapies. The company has a diverse pipeline targeting various diseases, including inflammatory disorders and fibrosis. Galapagos' most advanced product, filgotinib, is being developed for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

    These are just a few examples of the competitors that argenx SE faces in the biopharmaceutical industry. As the industry continues to evolve and new companies emerge, the competitive landscape is likely to change. It is important for argenx SE to stay innovative and maintain a strong pipeline to stay competitive in the market.

    argenx SE SWOT Analysis


    • Strong pipeline of innovative and potentially transformative drugs: argenx has a robust pipeline of novel therapeutic candidates targeting various diseases. The company's focus on developing antibody-based therapies has resulted in the development of promising drugs that have the potential to address unmet medical needs.

    • Strategic collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies: argenx has entered into strategic collaborations with several renowned pharmaceutical companies, such as Janssen and AbbVie. These partnerships provide the company with access to additional resources, expertise, and global reach, enabling accelerated development and commercialization of its products.

    • Unique antibody engineering platform: The company's proprietary antibody engineering platform, SIMPLE Antibody''', allows for the creation of differentiated therapeutic antibodies with enhanced properties. This platform gives argenx a competitive advantage by enabling the development of antibodies with improved efficacy, safety, and manufacturability.

    • Strong financial position: argenx has a solid financial position, with a strong cash balance and a history of successful fundraising. This financial stability provides the company with the resources needed to support its research and development activities, as well as potential future acquisitions or partnerships.


    • Limited commercialization experience: Despite the promising pipeline, argenx has limited experience in commercializing and marketing its products. Successfully bringing a drug to market requires expertise in navigating regulatory processes, pricing strategies, and market dynamics. Lack of experience in these areas could pose a challenge for the company.

    • Reliance on strategic collaborations: While argenx's partnerships provide valuable resources, the company is highly dependent on these collaborations for the development and commercialization of its products. Any issues or delays in these partnerships could significantly impact argenx's ability to advance its pipeline and generate revenue.


    • Expansion into new therapeutic areas: argenx has the opportunity to expand its pipeline into new therapeutic areas, leveraging its antibody engineering platform to target diseases with high unmet medical needs. By diversifying its portfolio, the company can tap into new markets and potentially increase its revenue streams.

    • International market expansion: argenx has the potential to expand its market reach beyond its current focus on the United States and Europe. With its strong partnerships and innovative pipeline, the company can explore opportunities in emerging markets and establish a global presence, thereby increasing its patient population and revenue potential.


    • Intense competition in the biopharmaceutical industry: The biopharmaceutical industry is highly competitive, with numerous companies vying for market share and investment. argenx faces competition from both established players and emerging biotech companies, which could limit its market penetration and impact its ability to secure funding or partnerships.

    • Regulatory and reimbursement challenges: The regulatory landscape for drug development and commercialization is complex and subject to change. argenx must navigate the rigorous approval processes and ensure that its products meet the necessary regulatory standards. Additionally, reimbursement challenges, such as pricing pressures and access restrictions, can pose a threat to the commercial success of argenx's products.

    • Potential risks associated with drug development: The development of novel therapeutic candidates involves inherent risks, including clinical trial failures, safety concerns, or unforeseen side effects. These risks could lead to delays in product development, increased costs, or even complete project failures. argenx must carefully manage these risks to minimize their impact on its pipeline and overall business.

    Key Takeaways

    • The ownership of argenx SE is not clearly specified, but it is a publicly traded company with shareholders.

    • The mission statement of argenx SE is to improve the lives of patients with severe autoimmune diseases and cancer by developing and commercializing innovative antibody-based therapies.

    • argenx SE generates revenue through the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of its antibody-based therapies, as well as through collaborations and licensing agreements.

    • The Business Model Canvas helps explain how argenx SE creates, delivers, and captures value, highlighting key aspects such as customer segments, key activities, and revenue streams.

    • Competitors of argenx SE include other biopharmaceutical companies working on antibody-based therapies, such as Genmab, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, and Roche Holding AG.

    • In terms of SWOT analysis, argenx SE's strengths include its innovative and diverse pipeline, strong collaborations, and growing revenue. Its weaknesses may include regulatory challenges and high research and development costs. Opportunities lie in expanding into new therapeutic areas and markets, while threats include intense competition and potential disruptions in the healthcare industry.


    In conclusion, argenx SE is a biopharmaceutical company that is driven by a strong mission statement: to improve the lives of patients suffering from severe autoimmune diseases and cancer. With a focus on developing innovative antibody-based therapies, argenx SE aims to transform the treatment landscape and provide hope to those in need.

    In terms of ownership, argenx SE is a publicly traded company, with shares available on various stock exchanges. This allows investors to support the company's mission and potentially benefit from its success.

    To generate revenue, argenx SE relies on a multi-faceted approach. This includes collaborations and licensing agreements with pharmaceutical partners, as well as the development and commercialization of its own proprietary products. By diversifying its revenue streams, argenx SE aims to ensure financial stability and sustained growth.

    Examining argenx SE's business model canvas further reveals a well-defined strategy. The company focuses on key activities such as research and development, clinical trials, manufacturing, and commercialization. Additionally, it has built strong relationships with key partners, including academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies, to leverage expertise and resources.

    Like any industry, argenx SE faces competition. Some of its notable competitors include other biopharmaceutical companies that specialize in antibody-based therapies. However, argenx SE differentiates itself through its unique approach and innovative technologies.

    Lastly, a SWOT analysis of argenx SE highlights its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Some of its strengths include a robust pipeline of potential therapies and a talented team of scientists and researchers. However, challenges such as stringent regulatory requirements and potential market saturation pose as weaknesses. Nevertheless, argenx SE is poised to seize opportunities in the growing biopharmaceutical market and navigate threats through strategic partnerships and continued innovation.

    Overall, argenx SE is a promising player in the biopharmaceutical industry, driven by a clear mission, a solid business model, and a commitment to improving patient outcomes. With a strong foundation and a focus on innovation, the future looks bright for argenx SE and those it aims to serve.


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