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Company > Aqua America Inc: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Aqua America Inc: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Published: Jan 10, 2023

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    In this blog article, we will delve into Aqua America Inc, a leading water and wastewater utility company, and explore its business model, SWOT analysis, and competitors. Aqua America Inc has established itself as a prominent player in the water industry, providing essential services to millions of customers. By examining its business model, we can gain insights into how the company operates and maintains its competitive edge. Additionally, a SWOT analysis will enable us to evaluate Aqua America Inc's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market. Lastly, we will explore its key competitors to understand the landscape in which Aqua America Inc operates.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Who owns Aqua America Inc and what their ownership structure looks like
    • The mission statement of Aqua America Inc and how it guides their business operations
    • How Aqua America Inc generates revenue and the sources of their income
    • An overview of Aqua America Inc's business model canvas and how it is structured
    • The main competitors of Aqua America Inc in the industry and their market position
    • A SWOT analysis of Aqua America Inc, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    Who owns Aqua America Inc?

    Major Institutional Shareholders

    Aqua America Inc., a leading water and wastewater utility company, has a diverse ownership structure. As of the latest available information, the majority of Aqua America's ownership is held by institutional shareholders. These institutional investors are typically large financial institutions, including mutual funds, pension funds, and investment firms.

    One of the major institutional shareholders of Aqua America Inc. is Vanguard Group. As a well-known investment management company, Vanguard Group holds a significant stake in Aqua America. With their extensive portfolio, Vanguard Group's ownership in Aqua America reflects its confidence in the company's growth potential and stability.

    Another notable institutional investor is BlackRock Inc., one of the world's largest asset management firms. BlackRock's ownership in Aqua America demonstrates its belief in the company's long-term prospects and the importance of water utilities in a sustainable future.

    Insider Ownership

    Apart from institutional shareholders, Aqua America Inc. also has significant insider ownership. Insider ownership refers to shares held by individuals who have a direct affiliation with the company, such as executives, board members, and employees. These insiders often have a vested interest in the company's success and are aligned with its long-term goals.

    One prominent insider with a notable ownership stake in Aqua America is its CEO, who has a significant personal investment in the company. This demonstrates the CEO's commitment to Aqua America's growth and underscores their confidence in its future prospects.

    Retail Investors

    Additionally, Aqua America Inc. has a sizeable base of retail investors. Retail investors are individual investors who purchase company shares through brokerage accounts or other investment platforms. These investors often include individuals who believe in Aqua America's business model and want to participate in the company's success.

    Retail investors contribute to Aqua America's ownership by holding shares either directly or through investment vehicles such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds. Their ownership signifies the trust placed in Aqua America's ability to deliver reliable water and wastewater services.


    The ownership of Aqua America Inc. is diversified, with major institutional shareholders, insiders, and retail investors all having a stake in the company. This diverse ownership structure highlights the confidence placed in Aqua America's performance and its role as a vital player in the water utility industry. As Aqua America continues to provide essential services to communities across the United States, its ownership base remains a testament to its strong position in the market.

    What is the mission statement of Aqua America Inc?

    Aqua America Inc's Mission Statement

    Aqua America Inc's mission statement revolves around its commitment to providing safe, reliable, and affordable water and wastewater services to communities it serves. The company aims to deliver these essential services while prioritizing environmental stewardship and sustainability.

    The mission statement of Aqua America Inc can be summarized as follows:

    1. Providing Safe and Reliable Water Services: Aqua America Inc is dedicated to ensuring that the communities it serves have access to safe and clean water. The company invests in modern infrastructure and advanced technologies to deliver reliable water services that meet or exceed regulatory standards.

    2. Ensuring Affordable Water Solutions: Aqua America Inc recognizes the importance of affordability for its customers. The company strives to keep water rates reasonable while maintaining high-quality services. It works diligently to manage costs and find innovative ways to improve efficiency without compromising on the quality of water provided.

    3. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability: Aqua America Inc takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously. The company is committed to implementing sustainable practices in its operations, such as reducing energy consumption, minimizing water loss, and optimizing treatment processes. Aqua America Inc actively engages in initiatives aimed at protecting water sources, conserving resources, and promoting environmental awareness within the communities it serves.

    4. Engaging with Communities: Aqua America Inc believes in fostering strong relationships with the communities it serves. The company actively engages with stakeholders, including customers, local authorities, and environmental organizations, to understand their needs and concerns. Aqua America Inc encourages open communication, transparency, and collaboration to ensure that it meets the unique requirements of each community.

    By adhering to its mission statement, Aqua America Inc strives to be a trusted provider of water and wastewater services, contributing to the well-being and quality of life of the communities it serves.

    How does Aqua America Inc make money?

    Water and wastewater services

    The primary source of revenue for Aqua America Inc is derived from providing water and wastewater services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Aqua America operates across several states in the United States, serving millions of people with their water needs.

    Aqua America charges customers for the consumption of water and the treatment of wastewater. These charges are typically based on the volume of water used, with different rates for residential and non-residential customers. The company also offers various pricing plans, such as fixed monthly rates or tiered pricing based on usage levels.

    Water infrastructure investments

    Another significant way Aqua America generates revenue is through investing in water infrastructure projects. The company constantly works towards improving and expanding its water and wastewater systems, ensuring reliable service and meeting growing customer demands.

    Aqua America invests in constructing new water treatment plants, upgrading existing facilities, expanding distribution networks, and implementing advanced technologies for efficient water management. These infrastructure investments not only enhance the quality and reliability of services but also create opportunities for revenue growth.

    Acquisitions and partnerships

    Aqua America actively pursues strategic acquisitions and partnerships to expand its customer base and geographic presence. By acquiring existing water utility companies or entering into partnerships with municipalities, Aqua America can increase its market share and generate additional revenue.

    Through acquisitions, Aqua America gains access to new customer accounts and can leverage its expertise to improve operational efficiency in the acquired systems. Additionally, partnerships with municipalities allow Aqua America to manage water systems on their behalf, earning revenue through service fees or profit-sharing agreements.

    Non-regulated operations

    In addition to its regulated water and wastewater services, Aqua America operates non-regulated businesses that contribute to its overall revenue stream. These non-regulated operations include water and wastewater services provided to customers outside the company's regulated service areas.

    Furthermore, Aqua America offers complementary services such as water and wastewater infrastructure maintenance, leak detection, and pipeline rehabilitation. These services are often provided to other utility companies or municipalities on a contractual basis, generating additional revenue for the company.


    Aqua America Inc generates revenue primarily through its water and wastewater services, charging customers for water usage and treatment. The company also invests in water infrastructure projects, pursues acquisitions and partnerships, and operates non-regulated businesses to expand its revenue streams. By diversifying its sources of income and continuously investing in its operations, Aqua America maintains a strong financial position while ensuring the delivery of essential water services.

    Aqua America Inc Business Model Canvas Explained

    Introduction to Aqua America Inc

    Aqua America Inc is a leading water and wastewater utility company that provides essential services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers across the United States. With a mission to protect and provide reliable water resources, Aqua America Inc operates in multiple states, serving millions of people.

    What is a Business Model Canvas?

    A Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic management tool that helps organizations visualize and analyze their business model. It provides a holistic view of how a company creates, delivers, and captures value for its customers. The BMC is divided into nine key building blocks, which collectively represent the various aspects of a company's operations, relationships, and revenue streams.

    Aqua America Inc's Business Model Canvas

    Key Partnerships

    Aqua America Inc recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships to deliver high-quality water services. The company has established strategic partnerships with government agencies, local municipalities, and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with water quality standards. Additionally, Aqua America Inc collaborates with technology providers and research institutions to drive innovation in water treatment processes and infrastructure management.

    Key Activities

    The core activity of Aqua America Inc is the treatment and distribution of water, as well as the collection and treatment of wastewater. The company operates and maintains an extensive network of water and wastewater treatment plants, pipelines, and storage facilities. Aqua America Inc also invests in research and development activities to improve water efficiency, conservation, and sustainability.

    Key Resources

    Aqua America Inc's most valuable resources are its water supply sources and infrastructure. The company owns and manages a diverse portfolio of water sources, including groundwater, surface water, and reservoirs. Additionally, Aqua America Inc invests heavily in its physical assets, such as treatment plants, pipelines, and storage tanks, to ensure the reliable delivery of water services.

    Value Proposition

    Aqua America Inc's value proposition lies in its commitment to providing safe, clean, and reliable water services to its customers. The company ensures the highest standards of water quality through rigorous testing, treatment processes, and adherence to regulatory guidelines. Aqua America Inc also offers 24/7 customer support and emergency response services to address any water-related concerns promptly.

    Customer Segments

    Aqua America Inc serves a wide range of customer segments, including residential, commercial, and industrial users. Residential customers rely on Aqua America Inc for their daily water needs, while commercial and industrial customers require a consistent and sufficient water supply for their operations. Additionally, Aqua America Inc serves municipal customers who depend on the company for water distribution and wastewater management.

    Customer Relationships

    To maintain strong customer relationships, Aqua America Inc focuses on delivering exceptional service and engaging with its customers. The company provides various communication channels, including online portals and customer service hotlines, to address customer queries, concerns, and service requests promptly. Aqua America Inc also actively seeks customer feedback and conducts satisfaction surveys to continuously improve its services.


    Aqua America Inc utilizes multiple channels to deliver its water services efficiently. The primary channel is its extensive pipeline network, which enables the distribution of water from treatment plants to customers' premises. Additionally, Aqua America Inc leverages digital channels, such as its website and mobile applications, to provide customers with access to their accounts, bill payments, and service updates.

    Cost Structure

    Aqua America Inc's cost structure primarily consists of operational expenses related to water treatment, infrastructure maintenance, and compliance with regulatory requirements. The company also incurs costs associated with customer service, marketing, and technology investments. To maintain cost efficiency, Aqua America Inc focuses on optimizing its processes, leveraging economies of scale, and implementing sustainable practices.

    Revenue Streams

    Aqua America Inc generates revenue through the provision of water and wastewater services. The company charges customers based on water consumption, metered rates, and service fees. Aqua America Inc also benefits from long-term contracts with municipal customers and government agencies, providing a stable revenue stream. Additionally, the company explores opportunities for revenue diversification, such as offering water-related consulting services and partnering with other utility providers.


    Aqua America Inc's Business Model Canvas illustrates the intricate workings of its water and wastewater utility business. By understanding the key building blocks of the company's operations, relationships, and revenue streams, it becomes evident how Aqua America Inc successfully delivers essential services to millions of customers while maintaining its commitment to water quality and sustainability.

    Which companies are the competitors of Aqua America Inc?

    Overview of Aqua America Inc.

    Before diving into the competitors of Aqua America Inc., it is essential to have a brief understanding of the company itself. Aqua America Inc. is a leading water and wastewater utility company serving approximately 3 million people in the United States. With a strong focus on providing essential water services, Aqua America operates in multiple states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, and others.

    Competitors in the Water and Wastewater Utility Industry

    Aqua America Inc. operates in a highly competitive industry, where several other companies strive to provide water and wastewater services to communities across the United States. Some of the prominent competitors of Aqua America Inc. include:

    1. American Water Works Company, Inc. (AWK): As the largest publicly-traded water and wastewater utility company in the United States, American Water Works Company, Inc. poses a significant competition to Aqua America. With operations in multiple states and a customer base of over 15 million people, AWK offers a wide range of water-related services, including water treatment, supply, and wastewater services.

    2. California Water Service Group (CWT): Operating primarily in California, CWT is another competitor of Aqua America Inc. With over 2 million customers, California Water Service Group provides water and wastewater services to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors within California. Their extensive infrastructure and customer base make them a strong rival in the industry.

    3. American States Water Company (AWR): Serving over 1 million customers in California, Arizona, and other states, AWR competes with Aqua America Inc. in the water and wastewater utility sector. American States Water Company operates through its subsidiaries, providing water, electric, and contracted services. Their diverse portfolio and geographic presence make them a formidable competitor.

    4. Connecticut Water Service, Inc. (CTWS): Focusing on the New England region, Connecticut Water Service, Inc. competes with Aqua America Inc. in providing water services to customers in Connecticut and Maine. With a customer base of over 100,000 people, CTWS operates regulated water utilities and non-regulated services, creating competition in Aqua America's target markets.

    5. American Midstream Partners, LP (AMID): While primarily involved in midstream energy services, American Midstream Partners, LP also competes with Aqua America Inc. in certain regions. AMID operates water and wastewater services for oil and gas exploration and production companies, particularly in Texas and the Gulf Coast region. Their presence in overlapping markets adds to the competitive landscape.


    Aqua America Inc. faces competition from various companies operating in the water and wastewater utility industry. Competitors such as American Water Works Company, California Water Service Group, American States Water Company, Connecticut Water Service, and American Midstream Partners are actively providing similar services in different regions across the United States. As Aqua America continues to expand its operations and enhance its services, the competition within the industry remains fierce.

    Aqua America Inc SWOT Analysis


    • Strong market position: Aqua America Inc has a strong market position in the water and wastewater industry, serving millions of customers across multiple states. This allows the company to enjoy economies of scale and a wide customer base.

    • Established infrastructure: The company boasts a well-established and extensive infrastructure, including water treatment plants, distribution systems, and wastewater facilities. This infrastructure enables Aqua America to efficiently deliver water and wastewater services to its customers.

    • Diversified customer base: Aqua America serves a diverse customer base, including residential, commercial, and industrial customers. This diversification helps mitigate the risk of relying too heavily on a single customer segment.

    • Focus on customer service: Aqua America has a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction. The company consistently invests in technology and resources to improve customer experience, resulting in high customer retention rates.


    • Dependence on regulatory approvals: Aqua America's operations are subject to extensive regulations and require various permits and approvals from regulatory bodies. This dependence exposes the company to delays and increased costs if regulatory processes become lengthy or burdensome.

    • Vulnerability to weather conditions: As a water and wastewater service provider, Aqua America is susceptible to the impact of extreme weather events, such as droughts or floods. These events can disrupt operations and increase costs for the company.

    • Limited geographic presence: Although Aqua America has a strong market position, its operations are primarily focused on a limited number of states. This limited geographic presence exposes the company to regional economic risks and limits its potential for expansion in other regions.


    • Growing demand for water services: The increasing population and urbanization, coupled with the growing awareness of water conservation and sustainability, present a significant opportunity for Aqua America to expand its customer base and revenue streams.

    • Infrastructure investments: Governments and municipalities are increasingly investing in water infrastructure to ensure reliable and safe water supply. Aqua America can capitalize on these investments by partnering with local authorities or participating in public-private partnerships.

    • Expansion through acquisitions: Aqua America has a history of successful acquisitions, which have allowed the company to extend its reach and consolidate its market position. There are opportunities for Aqua America to continue acquiring smaller water utilities and integrate them into its existing operations.


    • Competitive landscape: The water and wastewater industry is highly competitive, with numerous players vying for market share. Aqua America faces competition from both larger and smaller companies, which could potentially impact its market position and profitability.

    • Regulatory risks: Changes in regulations or the imposition of stricter environmental standards can pose challenges for Aqua America. Compliance with new regulations may require significant investments and could impact the company's financial performance.

    • Aging infrastructure: The aging water infrastructure in many regions poses a threat to Aqua America's operations. The company needs to continually invest in infrastructure maintenance and upgrades to ensure the reliability and efficiency of its services.

    • Climate change: The increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events due to climate change can disrupt Aqua America's operations. This includes the risk of droughts, floods, and severe storms, which can damage infrastructure and disrupt water supply.

    Key Takeaways

    • Aqua America Inc is owned by its shareholders, with the largest shareholder being The Vanguard Group.
    • The mission statement of Aqua America Inc is to provide reliable water and wastewater services to its customers while protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices.
    • Aqua America Inc generates revenue primarily through the provision of water and wastewater services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
    • The Business Model Canvas of Aqua America Inc explains how the company creates and delivers value to its customers and stakeholders through key activities such as water treatment, distribution, and customer service.
    • Competitors of Aqua America Inc include American Water Works Company, California Water Service Group, and American States Water Company.
    • Aqua America Inc's SWOT analysis highlights its strengths such as a large customer base and strong financial performance, weaknesses such as regulatory challenges, opportunities such as potential acquisitions, and threats such as increasing competition and climate change impacts.


    In conclusion, Aqua America Inc is owned by various institutional and individual investors. The mission statement of Aqua America Inc is to provide reliable and affordable water and wastewater services to their customers. They generate revenue through water and wastewater services, as well as other activities such as selling water-related equipment and providing consulting services.

    The Aqua America Inc Business Model Canvas provides a comprehensive overview of the company's key activities, resources, and partnerships. It highlights their focus on customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and continuous improvement.

    In terms of competition, Aqua America Inc faces competition from other water utility companies such as American Water Works Company Inc and California Water Service Group. Despite the competitive landscape, Aqua America Inc has managed to establish a strong market presence and maintain a solid customer base.

    Lastly, the SWOT analysis of Aqua America Inc reveals its strengths in terms of a reliable infrastructure and strong customer relationships. However, it also highlights weaknesses such as regulatory challenges and dependence on water availability. Opportunities for growth exist in expanding their service offerings and entering new markets, while threats include increasing competition and environmental concerns.

    Overall, Aqua America Inc continues to strive towards their mission of providing essential water services to communities while adapting to the ever-changing industry landscape.


    How can I find a SWOT analysis on a company?

    There are a few ways to find a SWOT analysis on a company:

    1. Company's official website: Start by visiting the company's official website and look for their investor relations or about us section. Some companies may publish their SWOT analysis or provide insights into their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    2. Business databases: Utilize business databases such as Bloomberg, Hoovers, or MarketLine, which provide comprehensive company profiles, analyses, and SWOT reports. These databases are often accessible through university libraries or paid subscriptions.

    3. Industry reports: Market research firms often publish reports on specific industries, including SWOT analysis of major companies within those sectors. Look for reports from reputable firms like McKinsey, PwC, or IBISWorld, as they may contain valuable insights.

    4. News and financial websites: Check news websites like Reuters, Bloomberg, or CNBC, as they often cover companies extensively and might provide SWOT analysis within their articles. Financial websites like Yahoo Finance or Google Finance may also feature SWOT analysis as part of their company profiles.

    5. Business journals and magazines: Publications such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, or The Wall Street Journal frequently publish articles or case studies analyzing companies, including their SWOT analysis. Visit their websites or access their archives through university libraries.

    6. Research reports by analysts: Many financial institutions have research departments that publish reports on companies, including their SWOT analysis. Research reports by analysts from investment banks or brokerage firms can be accessed through their websites or through subscriptions.

    Remember that while these sources can provide valuable information, it's crucial to critically evaluate and cross-reference the information obtained from different sources to get a comprehensive understanding of the company's SWOT analysis.

    What is a SWOT analysis for brand awareness?

    A SWOT analysis for brand awareness is an evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to a company's efforts to build and increase awareness of its brand. It helps identify the internal and external factors that impact brand awareness and provides insights for developing effective strategies.

    Here is an example of a SWOT analysis for brand awareness:


    1. Strong product or service offering that can be leveraged to build brand awareness.
    2. A well-defined target audience that can be effectively reached through various marketing channels.
    3. Positive brand reputation and customer loyalty, leading to word-of-mouth recommendations.
    4. Well-established distribution channels and partnerships that can enhance brand exposure.


    1. Limited marketing budget that may restrict the company's ability to invest in brand awareness campaigns.
    2. Lack of brand recognition among the target audience due to competing brands or limited market presence.
    3. Inconsistent messaging or brand positioning, making it challenging to create a unified brand image.
    4. Insufficient knowledge or skills within the marketing team to effectively execute brand awareness strategies.


    1. Emerging marketing channels, such as social media or influencer marketing, that can be utilized to reach a wider audience.
    2. Collaborations or partnerships with complementary brands to increase brand exposure and leverage their existing customer base.
    3. Events, trade shows, or sponsorships that provide opportunities to showcase the brand and interact with potential customers.
    4. Market research and customer insights that can help identify untapped segments or niches for brand expansion.


    1. Intense competition in the market, making it challenging to stand out and gain brand recognition.
    2. Negative customer reviews or public perception that can hinder brand awareness efforts.
    3. Economic or market downturns that may lead to reduced consumer spending and limited resources for marketing activities.
    4. Rapid technological advancements that require constant adaptation to new platforms and channels to stay relevant.

    By conducting a SWOT analysis for brand awareness, companies can identify areas for improvement, capitalize on their strengths, address weaknesses, seize opportunities, and mitigate potential threats to enhance their brand awareness efforts.

    Which companies have a SWOT analysis?

    Many companies have conducted SWOT analyses, as it is a common tool used in strategic planning. The specific list of companies with their SWOT analyses may vary, but here are a few examples:

    1. Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis
    2. Google (Alphabet Inc.) SWOT Analysis
    3. Amazon.com Inc. SWOT Analysis
    4. Microsoft Corporation SWOT Analysis
    5. Facebook Inc. SWOT Analysis
    6. Coca-Cola Company SWOT Analysis
    7. Walmart Inc. SWOT Analysis
    8. Tesla Inc. SWOT Analysis
    9. Nike Inc. SWOT Analysis
    10. McDonald's Corporation SWOT Analysis

    Please note that these are just a few examples, and numerous other companies have conducted SWOT analyses to assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    What is the SWOT matrix of a company?

    The SWOT matrix is a tool used in strategic planning and analysis to evaluate the internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external opportunities and threats, of a company. It is often presented in the form of a 2x2 matrix, with the internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) represented on the left side and the external factors (opportunities and threats) represented on the right side. The SWOT matrix helps organizations assess their current situation and make informed decisions to leverage their strengths, address weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and mitigate potential threats.

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