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Company > Alcentra Capital Corp: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Alcentra Capital Corp: Business Model, SWOT Analysis, and Competitors 2023

Published: Jan 27, 2023

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    In this blog article, we will delve into an in-depth analysis of Alcentra Capital Corp, focusing on its business model, SWOT analysis, and key competitors. Alcentra Capital Corp is a renowned firm that operates in the financial services sector, specializing in providing debt financing solutions to middle-market companies. By examining its business model, we aim to understand how the company generates revenue and sustains its competitive advantage. Furthermore, a SWOT analysis will help identify the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Lastly, we will explore the key competitors in the market and assess their impact on Alcentra Capital Corp's future prospects in 2023.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Who owns Alcentra Capital Corp and the significance of their ownership in the company.
    • The mission statement of Alcentra Capital Corp and how it guides their business operations.
    • How Alcentra Capital Corp generates revenue and the different ways they make money.
    • An explanation of Alcentra Capital Corp's Business Model Canvas and how it helps them achieve their goals.
    • The main competitors of Alcentra Capital Corp and how they compare in the market.
    • A SWOT analysis of Alcentra Capital Corp, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    Who owns Alcentra Capital Corp?

    Major Shareholders of Alcentra Capital Corp

    Alcentra Capital Corp is a publicly traded company, so its ownership can be easily determined through its shareholder base. The ownership structure of the company is primarily composed of institutional investors and individual shareholders.

    One of the largest shareholders of Alcentra Capital Corp is Alcentra NY, LLC, a subsidiary of BNY Alcentra Group Holdings, Inc. BNY Alcentra Group Holdings, Inc. is a leading global asset management firm that specializes in alternative credit investments. As of the latest available information, Alcentra NY, LLC holds a significant stake in Alcentra Capital Corp.

    In addition to Alcentra NY, LLC, other major institutional shareholders include well-known investment management firms such as BlackRock Inc. and Vanguard Group Inc. These institutions have substantial holdings in Alcentra Capital Corp, indicative of their confidence in the company's potential.

    Moreover, individual shareholders also hold a portion of Alcentra Capital Corp's ownership. These individuals are typically retail investors who have purchased the company's shares through brokerage accounts or other investment platforms.

    It is important to note that the ownership of Alcentra Capital Corp can change over time as investors buy or sell shares. Therefore, the current ownership structure should be verified through the latest available information from regulatory filings or financial reports.

    Overall, the ownership of Alcentra Capital Corp is diverse, with a mix of institutional investors and individual shareholders. This diverse ownership base reflects the interest and confidence of various investors in the company's performance and future prospects.

    What is the mission statement of Alcentra Capital Corp?

    The Mission Statement of Alcentra Capital Corp

    Alcentra Capital Corp is a leading provider of debt financing solutions to middle-market companies. The company's mission is to support and empower these businesses by providing flexible capital solutions that help them achieve their strategic goals.

    At its core, Alcentra Capital Corp is committed to fostering growth and driving value for its clients. The company aims to be a trusted partner for middle-market companies, offering tailored financing options that meet their unique needs. By understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by these businesses, Alcentra Capital Corp strives to provide customized solutions that enable them to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

    Alcentra Capital Corp's mission is guided by a set of core values, including integrity, innovation, and collaboration. The company believes in building long-term relationships with its clients based on trust, transparency, and mutual success. By maintaining a strong focus on these values, Alcentra Capital Corp aims to be a reliable and strategic financing partner for middle-market companies.

    Furthermore, Alcentra Capital Corp is driven by a commitment to excellence in everything it does. The company's mission is to provide exceptional service, expertise, and financial solutions that exceed client expectations. By staying at the forefront of market trends and continuously evolving its offerings, Alcentra Capital Corp ensures that it remains a trusted and reliable resource for middle-market businesses seeking capital.

    In summary, the mission statement of Alcentra Capital Corp can be defined as:

    "To be the leading provider of customized debt financing solutions for middle-market companies, empowering their growth and success through our commitment to integrity, innovation, collaboration, and excellence."

    How does Alcentra Capital Corp make money?

    Investment Income

    One of the primary ways Alcentra Capital Corp generates revenue is through investment income. As a business development company (BDC), Alcentra Capital Corp invests in a diversified portfolio of middle-market companies. These investments can take the form of debt or equity securities, allowing the company to earn interest income, dividends, and capital gains.

    Management Fees

    In addition to investment income, Alcentra Capital Corp also earns money through management fees. As a BDC, the company provides management services to its portfolio companies, assisting them with strategic planning, financial analysis, and operational improvements. In return for these services, Alcentra Capital Corp charges management fees based on the size of the portfolio and the level of services provided. These fees provide a steady source of revenue for the company.

    Fee Waivers and Expense Reimbursements

    It's worth mentioning that Alcentra Capital Corp may voluntarily waive a portion of its management fees or reimburse certain expenses incurred by the portfolio companies. Such fee waivers and expense reimbursements are intended to align the interests of the company's management with its shareholders by reducing costs and enhancing overall returns.

    Capital Gains

    When Alcentra Capital Corp exits an investment, it may realize capital gains. This occurs when the company sells its equity or debt securities at a price higher than its original cost. Capital gains contribute to the company's profitability and can be an important source of income, particularly when the portfolio includes successful investments.

    Other Sources of Income

    Apart from the main revenue streams mentioned above, Alcentra Capital Corp may also generate income from other sources. These could include dividends received from its investments, interest earned on cash and cash equivalents, and any gains or losses resulting from hedging activities. While these additional sources of income may not be as significant as the primary revenue streams, they contribute to the overall financial health and performance of the company.

    In conclusion, Alcentra Capital Corp primarily makes money through investment income, management fees, and capital gains. These revenue streams demonstrate the company's ability to generate income from its portfolio of middle-market investments while providing management services to its portfolio companies. By diversifying its income sources, Alcentra Capital Corp aims to maximize returns for its shareholders and maintain a sustainable business model.

    Alcentra Capital Corp Business Model Canvas Explained


    The Alcentra Capital Corp Business Model Canvas provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the various elements that make up the company's business model. By analyzing these elements, investors and stakeholders can gain valuable insights into how the company operates, generates revenue, and creates value for its customers and shareholders. In this section, we will delve deeper into each component of the Alcentra Capital Corp Business Model Canvas, shedding light on its key aspects and their interdependencies.

    Key Partnerships

    One of the essential building blocks of Alcentra Capital Corp's business model is its key partnerships. These partnerships play a crucial role in the company's ability to source investment opportunities, manage risk, and deliver value to its clients. Alcentra Capital Corp actively collaborates with various stakeholders, including financial institutions, private equity firms, and advisory firms, to identify potential investment targets and conduct due diligence.

    These partnerships are vital because they enable Alcentra Capital Corp to tap into a broader network of industry expertise and gain access to a wider range of investment opportunities. By leveraging the knowledge and resources of its partners, Alcentra Capital Corp can enhance its ability to make informed investment decisions and mitigate potential risks.

    Key Activities

    The key activities of Alcentra Capital Corp revolve around the management of its investment portfolio and the provision of financing solutions to middle-market companies. The company's investment professionals actively identify, evaluate, and execute investment opportunities that align with their investment strategy and risk appetite.

    Additionally, Alcentra Capital Corp engages in ongoing portfolio management activities, including monitoring and assessing the performance of its investments, conducting regular portfolio reviews, and implementing appropriate risk management strategies. These activities are crucial for ensuring the long-term success and profitability of the company's investment portfolio.

    Value Proposition

    The value proposition of Alcentra Capital Corp lies in its ability to provide flexible and customized financing solutions to middle-market companies. By offering both debt and equity financing options, the company can tailor its investment approach to meet the unique needs of each target company.

    Moreover, Alcentra Capital Corp's value proposition extends beyond financial support. The company's experienced investment professionals bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the table, offering strategic guidance and operational support to help their portfolio companies achieve their growth objectives.

    Customer Segments

    Alcentra Capital Corp primarily targets middle-market companies seeking growth capital or financing for strategic initiatives. These companies often face challenges accessing traditional sources of funding, making them an attractive customer segment for Alcentra Capital Corp's alternative financing solutions.

    Furthermore, Alcentra Capital Corp focuses on specific industries and sectors where it has deep domain expertise. By specializing in these niche segments, the company can better understand the unique needs and dynamics of its target customers, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful investment outcomes.


    Understanding the Alcentra Capital Corp Business Model Canvas provides valuable insights into how the company operates and creates value for its stakeholders. By examining the key partnerships, activities, value proposition, and customer segments, investors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's business model and its potential for long-term success. This knowledge can inform investment decisions and help stakeholders evaluate Alcentra Capital Corp's ability to generate sustainable returns in a competitive market.

    Which companies are the competitors of Alcentra Capital Corp?

    Identifying Alcentra Capital Corp's Competitors

    Alcentra Capital Corp operates within the financial industry, specifically as a business development company (BDC). As such, its competitors are other BDCs that offer similar financial services and investment opportunities. Some notable competitors of Alcentra Capital Corp include:

    1. Main Street Capital Corporation (MAIN)

    Main Street Capital Corporation is a leading BDC that provides long-term debt and equity capital to lower middle-market companies. Similar to Alcentra Capital Corp, MAIN focuses on supporting companies in various industries through debt investments, equity investments, and loan syndications. With a diverse portfolio and a strong track record, Main Street Capital Corporation is a significant competitor for Alcentra Capital Corp.

    2. Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC)

    Ares Capital Corporation is one of the largest and most established BDCs in the industry. It offers financing solutions to middle-market companies, including senior debt, mezzanine debt, and equity investments. ARCC's extensive experience, wide network, and substantial capital base make it a formidable competitor to Alcentra Capital Corp.

    3. FS KKR Capital Corp. (FSK)

    FS KKR Capital Corp., formerly known as FS Investment Corporation, is a BDC that focuses on providing customized credit solutions to middle-market companies. With a diverse investment portfolio and expertise in various industries, FSK is a strong competitor for Alcentra Capital Corp. Their ability to structure flexible financing options and their collaborative approach to working with portfolio companies makes them a notable player in the BDC landscape.

    4. Hercules Capital, Inc. (HTGC)

    Hercules Capital, Inc. is a specialty finance company that primarily focuses on providing growth capital to venture-backed companies in the technology, life sciences, and sustainable and renewable technology industries. While their industry focus differs from Alcentra Capital Corp, HTGC's expertise in financing innovative startups and their alternative investment strategies make them a competitor worth considering.

    5. Golub Capital BDC, Inc. (GBDC)

    Golub Capital BDC, Inc. is a BDC that specializes in providing senior secured, unitranche, and second-lien loans to middle-market companies. Their investment approach focuses on companies across various industries, including healthcare, software, and manufacturing. With a strong reputation for underwriting expertise and a disciplined investment strategy, GBDC competes with Alcentra Capital Corp for attractive investment opportunities.

    These are just a few examples of companies that compete with Alcentra Capital Corp within the BDC landscape. It is important to note that the competitive landscape is continuously evolving, and the performance of these competitors may vary over time.

    Alcentra Capital Corp SWOT Analysis


    • Strong track record: Alcentra Capital Corp has a proven track record of successfully investing in middle-market companies. This demonstrates their ability to identify high-potential opportunities and generate positive returns for their investors.

    • Experienced team: The company is led by a team of experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the middle-market space. Their expertise allows them to make informed investment decisions and navigate the complexities of the market effectively.

    • Diversified portfolio: Alcentra Capital Corp has a well-diversified portfolio of investments across various industries. This diversification helps mitigate risks and provides stability to their overall investment strategy.


    • Dependency on economic conditions: Alcentra Capital Corp's performance is highly dependent on the overall health of the economy. During economic downturns, the company may face challenges in generating returns and may experience a decline in the value of their investments.

    • Reliance on external financing: The company relies on external financing to fund their investments. This dependence on external sources of capital exposes them to risks associated with changes in lending conditions, interest rates, and investor sentiment.

    • Limited market presence: Alcentra Capital Corp operates in a competitive market with well-established players. Their limited market presence may hinder their ability to attract new investors or secure favorable investment opportunities.


    • Growing middle-market space: The middle-market segment is experiencing growth, driven by an increasing number of companies seeking capital for expansion or acquisitions. Alcentra Capital Corp can take advantage of this trend by identifying and investing in promising middle-market companies.

    • Expansion of investment offerings: The company has an opportunity to expand its investment offerings beyond traditional debt financing. This could include exploring equity investments or mezzanine financing, allowing them to tap into a broader range of investment opportunities.

    • Strategic partnerships: Alcentra Capital Corp can explore strategic partnerships with other players in the industry to leverage their expertise and expand their market reach. Collaborations with established investment firms or institutional investors could provide access to new deal flow and enhance their competitive position.


    • Economic downturns: A downturn in the economy can significantly impact the performance of Alcentra Capital Corp's investments. Decreased business activity, increased default rates, and tighter credit conditions could negatively affect the company's profitability and asset quality.

    • Regulatory changes: Changes in regulations governing the financial services industry can pose a threat to Alcentra Capital Corp. Compliance with new regulations may require additional resources and could restrict their investment options or increase operational costs.

    • Competitive landscape: Alcentra Capital Corp operates in a highly competitive market, with many established players vying for attractive investment opportunities. Increased competition may lead to higher valuation multiples, reduced deal flow, or limited access to quality investments.

    It is important for Alcentra Capital Corp to carefully consider these factors and develop strategies to capitalize on their strengths, mitigate weaknesses, seize opportunities, and navigate potential threats in order to maintain a strong position in the market.

    Key Takeaways

    • Alcentra Capital Corp is owned by Crescent Capital Group LP, a leading alternative investment firm.

    • The mission statement of Alcentra Capital Corp is to provide capital solutions to middle-market businesses, supporting their growth and expansion.

    • Alcentra Capital Corp generates revenue primarily through the interest and fees earned from its investment portfolio, which consists of debt and equity investments in middle-market companies.

    • The Business Model Canvas of Alcentra Capital Corp outlines the key elements of its business model, including customer segments, value proposition, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, and cost structure.

    • Competitors of Alcentra Capital Corp include other alternative investment firms focused on providing capital solutions to middle-market businesses, such as Ares Capital Corporation and FS KKR Capital Corp.

    • In terms of SWOT analysis, Alcentra Capital Corp's strengths include its strong financial position, extensive industry experience, and diversified investment portfolio. Its weaknesses may include exposure to market risks and potential regulatory challenges. Opportunities for the company may arise from the growing demand for capital in the middle-market segment, while threats could come from economic downturns and increased competition in the industry.


    In conclusion, Alcentra Capital Corp is a leading financial institution that specializes in providing capital solutions to middle-market companies. As for ownership, Alcentra Capital Corp is a publicly traded company, meaning it is owned by its shareholders.

    The mission statement of Alcentra Capital Corp is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its shareholders by providing flexible capital solutions to middle-market companies. This mission drives the company's decision-making process and shapes its strategies.

    Alcentra Capital Corp generates revenue primarily through interest income from its investments in portfolio companies. It also earns fees from its advisory services and other ancillary sources.

    The Alcentra Capital Corp Business Model Canvas provides a comprehensive overview of the company's key activities, resources, partners, and customer segments. It highlights the company's focus on providing customized financing solutions, leveraging its expertise and network, and maintaining strong relationships with its portfolio companies.

    In terms of competition, Alcentra Capital Corp operates in a highly competitive market. Some of its main competitors include Ares Capital Corporation, Hercules Capital, and Monroe Capital.

    Finally, conducting a SWOT analysis of Alcentra Capital Corp reveals its strengths in having a diversified portfolio, experienced management team, and a strong network of partners. However, it also faces challenges such as market volatility and regulatory risks. By capitalizing on its strengths and addressing its weaknesses, Alcentra Capital Corp can remain a competitive player in the financial industry.


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