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5 Digital marketing trends for your strategy in 2023

Published: Dec 02, 2022

Discover what is going to rock it in marketing the coming year

Something you might have heard more than once is that 'this is the year of innovation'. It is true and you will hear it again in the coming years, especially in the world of digital marketing.

Yes man, you are planning to dominate your niche this year, so you need to be on the cutting edge of the latest digital marketing trends.

To help you stay ahead of your competitors and reach the next level, we've compiled a list of the most important digital marketing trends for 2023.

Trend 1: E- mail marketing is still in the game

Email marketing has always been an effective way to reach your customers and build brand loyalty, but in the past few years, it has taken a backseat as social media marketing has taken center stage. With the rise of social media platforms and the shift in consumer attention, many businesses have recently been caught off guard by the sudden decrease in sales.

However, as more and more people focus on the things that are most important, email marketing is going to be one of the biggest trends to help businesses get back on track.

Whether you're using automated email sequences to help nurture your leads, or sending personal emails to connect with your customers, email marketing is going to be a vital tool in your digital marketing strategy moving forward.

So get your database back on the game and come up with a witty strategy to get their attention.

Trend 2: Augmented Reality. Metaverse is here!

Like it or not, the metaverse is already here. Augmented reality isn't just a fun way to play games anymore. It's now becoming a core component of the customer experience.

PWC expects a $1.5 trillion rise in global GDP by 2030, thanks to VR and AR. Brands and even governments are entering the virtual world to accelerate their communications efforts ' be it a product or a policy, and so should you. With AR, you can add a layer of information over the real world. Customers can interact with this information and learn about products. It's also a great way to increase engagement. And customers who interact with your brand through AR are more likely to purchase a product. Here are some of the next things to happen: Virtual worlds like Second Life will be a big part of future marketing, so brands will need to be placed where their customers will see them. Websites will look more like 3D movies. The ecommerce site operates like a virtual store, where you can look at products and see what they look like before you buy them. We may have to create our own virtual games to build brand awareness and appeal to the changing audience. These would be fun to play with, and could be used to represent yourself or your favorite brands. We may see a lot of digital logos replacing the traditional ones. These logos indicate that something is exclusive and that someone belongs to a group of people who are fashionable

Trend 3: Social media scenery

TikTok: a new star comes to the show For the first time in years, the Facebook-YouTube-Instagram rule is shaken by a new worthy player: This striking network has surpassed 1.5 billion users, which makes it the third most popular social media platform. So get your business 'tik-tok compatible' if you are interested in targeting the range of 10/50 years old people using it on a daily basis. Gaming and live streaming With 500 million new competitors entering the gaming market in the past three years and $280 billion profit, the gaming industry is the total protagonist. TikTok and Twitch have a very active user base and their own celebrities. This means that you can invest in influencer marketing, sponsored content, and native advertising. Twitch is where people watch live streaming videos. Live streaming videos are getting more and more presence, so you should start using this new video format if you haven't already.

Trend 4: Time to Humanize

It's important to have a great product if you want to have any customers. But we all need more than this to be happy. Your brand is now known for its values and what it stands for. The benefits of your products and services are not as important as the satisfaction of your customers. To be successful as a company, you have to think about how your customers will feel when they communicate with you.

For brands, this represents some checking on their communication strategies:

  • The tone of voice is getting more laid back. That means more casual words, more leeway for humor, and human-friendly language.
  • Instead of using aggressive and persuasive language, brands are increasingly suggesting without pushing or sounding arrogant.

Trend 5: Conscious Marketing

Conscious marketing counts 3 sub-trends:

  • Eco marketing: sustainable products that promote eco-awareness -Transparency: no marketing tricks that deceive customers
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: intra-company culture and its approach to customers What you can do: Get rid of frustrating pop-ups and design patterns that lower the user experience Add audio descriptions to images to optimize your site for screen readers Turn to green computing (environmentally sustainable IT) Adopt eco-friendly moves across your company like recycling stations Promote consumption reduction Participate in donations to providing educational help to local communities Embrace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices across your company

Conclusion: Are you ready to step into this future?

We are pretty sure that by the end of this article, you may be thinking: 'no way'. No worries, not everybody is fully embracing all of these trends as yet. But you must know that they most likely will, so you should find ways to embrace each one of them, step by step. What if your competitors aren't doing so yet. Don't you agree? If you liked this post feel free to comment and share. Thanks!

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