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Help your business by building a community

Published: Nov 23, 2022

Discover how communities are growing economies

Community is at the center of everything we do. We know that online communities need no physical place to be grounded. We believe that when people come together, something magic happens. This magic is what we call community building.

The community creates a symbol around which it revolves, and through engagement, new products and concepts are born. This model of development is entirely different and certainly very powerful.

The traditional development of company building was:

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Do some market research
  3. Send potential customers a survey
  4. Build the product/service
  5. Try to sell the product to people

That's how a lot of companies get built, until now. After seeing what cryptos and NFTs are achieving, creators are realizing the benefits of building a community first.

Here's a smarter way to do it: bring a few people who are prospective customers, partners, future employees, or co-founders into a Discord group and do some brainstorming. You're going to be surprised at how many insights you can get, much more than you would get doing interviews with customers or any market research. But let's take a deeper look at the steps to create one.

3 steps to build a successful community first company

The first step to building a community-first company is to create a community strategy. This strategy should be designed to engage customers and build relationships. It should also be designed to promote your brand and business objectives.

The next step is to implement your community strategy. This implementation should include creating a community website, social media accounts, and so on. It should also include creating content, events, and programs that will engage your community.

The final step is to measure and analyze your community's engagement. This measurement should include metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and customer satisfaction.

How to achieve the desired engagement

First, the commitment of the founders to the community is the most important thing. If you just want to make some money and you don't get involved, it's probably not going to work because you need to be active and engaged.

The second thing is being open. You can't be a leader and not listen to other people and learn from them.

Third, you need to really be present. If you're not there, it's not going to work.

When building a community we put a lot of focus on our new members. We want them to feel welcomed. We want them to feel empowered and supported. When you're in an online community, you can equally get that sense of belonging typical from the links we create and enjoy in the physical world.

The key values that will fuel up your community

When we open a new online community, we want to make sure that it starts off on the right foot, with the right set of values and the right set of culture.

You're looking for something that is going to give you meaning and you're going to be part of something bigger than yourself and a community of people that are all aligned on that vision.

Good values attract good people. Principles are the most important thing that you as a founder must have when building a community. This will take the group to create good products. We need to have a goal, a finish line to get inspiration and motivation.

A good example is the cryptocurrency community. There are not a lot of companies that have that type of community that's so engaged and excited about what they're doing.

How the dynamics should be to see things growing

You simply need to be with the people who are invested in your project every day. They want to see who is building. Just engage with them. New social networks emerge from this engagement between creators and fans. It's about pure creative energy.

Normally people are just passive consumers who have no decision to influence their experience. When you belong to a community you have a voice and can make decisions, which is an empowering feeling. This way you also get to see more loyalty, enthusiasm, and promotion.

Creativity can get complicated when you have so many different inputs from so many different people. But if you're engaging with the community, you'll get a lot of direction, because normally people are willing to help and collaborate. They just want to see leadership. They want to know that you are an expert and passionate about it.

Otherwise, if you just have a bunch of people only hanging out and there isn't a real leader, there's no one who's bringing value to the table.


Thanks to the internet, any individual can build an e-commerce business and sell to consumers across the world. Building a community-first company can be a great opportunity to develop economies and help people earn a living from their creativity and passions. What is going to be your new community? We'd love to hear about it!

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