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How to find blog topics for your industry

Published: Nov 15, 2022

Come up with the best topics for your website

Hello there! We know it can be kind of challenging to shape what to write about on your business blog, and what type of information would be most appealing to your audience. Remember it has to be 'appealing' to Google (we'll get to that) but your audience is basically people you can help with your product/service, so write for them. Let us tell you about the exercise we normally do to choose blog topics. This will help you attract new visitors to your website and make them interested enough to stay there asking for more information on how to become another happy client.

In today's article we're going to see some ways to find blog topics for your industry, like looking at popular blogs, social media sites and also Google to search for industry-specific keywords. Let's go for it.

5 ways to find good topics to talk about in your site

Are you a beginner in your area? When you are operating within an industry you are learning about, go and learn from as many other people within that industry as you can. Learn about their businesses, their habits, their pains. This way you will learn about all of the challenges and issues that your colleagues normally face. These challenges and pain points can become great blog ideas that you can write about to help educate and inspire others.

Here are 5 powerful things you can do to achieve it.

1. Get involved. Where else?: ONLINE COMMUNITIES

The best way to learn about people's issues is to interact with them. Join an online community within your industry. You can ask questions, talk to people there, and learn all about their challenges. If there is a forum, you can learn a lot simply by listening and getting to know how you can help. Pay attention to what questions users are asking, and use that to create post topics. If you already have a post that answers someone's question, this will get you more readers because you can share your blog post in response to the most asked question.

2. No panic, there is something called: CONTENT TOOLS

As we've seen, one of the best ideas to find good blog topics is by listening to what your customers have to say online. People use to talk about their needs all the time, so you just have to become a good listener. But where are they saying it? Sure, you can find that on Twitter and Facebook, but there's another interesting way. Using a tool like Buzzumo you can find the most popular content out there, but even more interesting you can find out what people are saying about your industry and competitors online.

Just type in a keyword into the text box and see what articles come up. You can also type in a blog's URL to see what their most successful blog posts are, and then you will only have to create a similar article. But remember not to completely replicate their blog ideas. We want to create something original and interesting to be read.

3. Read the most popular BLOGS in your area

Another way that you can learn about your potential customers' dilemmas is to go to blogs within the industry and read as many posts as you can. A lot of them will talk about challenges that people are facing and the problems that they are having. Find the most popular ones and keep them in mind because you will want to reference them later. You don't want to copy others' blogs, but finding platforms that are doing good as inspiration is a good idea. Come up with any original idea, tell the same story in new ways or create a different spin on something written before that you found interesting.

4. Welcome to the fantastic world of KEYWORDS

Keywords are words (or questions) people use to type within Google searches on a certain topic. You can pretend that you are them, go to Google like they do (like we all do) and enter keywords related to your industry or competitors to find content that's already working well. You can see what people are talking and asking in relation to your business.

There are different ways to do it. You can simply start typing your keyword into Google search box and check out what autofills in the search bar. Easy but efficient. Another way is to use a keyword research tool specifically meant for this, like Keywordtool.io. You type in your topic and sift through the results. Doing keyword research to find blog post topics is a great idea because you're able to find actual Google search results. These are the themes that people are searching and want an answer about. Now you can write the answers for them. Using all that valuable information to turn them into posts.

5. Know your clients to the bone. How?: SEND OUT A SURVEY

What are people's needs, what are they looking for? They most likely want more information about your services and how to use your products. This means that they most likely would be happy to buy your thing, it's just they still don't know you. So, saying 'hi' and finding out what your audience wants to see from you is the most clever thing to do. How? Simple: you need to ask them directly. For this purpose, you can set up a quick email marketing campaign, you can do it also through social media, and set your questions (always speaking about people's needs, not yours). Keep it short and go to the point, asking just a few questions. Ask which aspect of your product they have doubts about, ask what their favorite service is, and what type of information they would like to see you deliver for them. Remember we are happy to help you with this and more: PitchGrade.com That is a good way to learn about the problems of your potential clients and competitors to be able to solve them. When you solve those problems and you provide value to your audience, it is going to be great for your business.


We recommend that you document all the information so that you can get ideas in the future. It is a good way to keep an eye on what you should be writing about. The best way to do this is to write everything in a Word document and then organize it into categories. That way when you are writing blog posts you can use that as a reference

As you've seen, for us the best way to find blog topics is to talk to people and learn about an industry. When you learn about the market, you are actually learning about the challenges that people are facing, and that is an excellent way to start a business.

These are then good blog post ideas. It's a great way to identify blog topics that are already resonating with your audience, and it's an excellent way to find inspiration for your own blog posts.

We hope you've liked the post, if you did, please comment and share. Thanks!

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